Mondo offers a wide variety of sport surfaces that can meet the requirements of any sport and recreational facility whether big or small, therefore providing the ideal environment for different sport activities.
At Mondo, we understand the relationship between the surface and the sports practiced on it.

A. DIN 18032 Part 2: Sport Surfaces Requirements and Testing.

Specifier Note: specify thickness of product used in project.

A. Prefabricated athletic vinyl flooring, as manufactured by MONDO AMERICA INC. or approved equal.
B. Thickness: [available in 11/64’’ (4.5 mm) and 1/4’’(6.4 mm)].
C. Colors: [provided in standard colors].
D. Finish: Slightly Textured Wood.
E. Vinyl surface to have slightly embossed, slip resistant wear layer and PVC foam bottom layer, to provide resilience and shock absorption. A fibreglass layer is incorporated between the two layers in order to stabilize the surface.
F. Manufactured in two layers, which are laminated together. The shore hardness of the top layer will be greater than that of the bottom layer, shore hardness of layers to be recommended by the manufacturer and the limits specified.
G. Available in:
-Rolls of 5’ 11’’ (1.80 m) wide and 85’ 3’’ (26 m) length, necessary to achieve game lines, color configuration and pattern.
Physical Properties Standard Specification

Hardness Shore A ASTM D2240 80/77
Critical Radiant Flux ASTM E648, NFPA 101 0.46 W/cm2, Class I
Static Load Limit ASTM F970 0.003 in.
Fungal Resistance Test ASTM G21-90 No growth
Coefficient of Friction ASTM D2047 > 0.5
V.O.C. Compliance ASTM D5116 Yes
Color Stability Good
Light reflection Average
Chemical Resistance Good

“Our hope is that we will have many more such events that will produce exciting
memories for the participants. I had numerous comments on the speed and quality of the Super X Performance sport surface track and how that was reflected in the results the kids had.
One coach indicated that every one of his track athletes came away with a personal record in every event they ran.
I also got a note from a coach that had already done statistical results on the performances and this is what he sent me (see below). The ranking are in comparison with the best performances reported in the country this year.
As you can see the track is a good one and I am anticipating many more meets: BYU, University of Utah Invitational on february 21, High School Western State Open on february 28 and March 1 and many more in the years to come with similar results. I hope the rest of the country can see what is happening out here in Utah on our Mondo sport surface.”