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ABLATION (CryoAblation)

About half of the arrhythmia procedures performed around the world fall
into the peri-nodal category. In all, this represents approximately
145,000 procedures annually. In each case of ablation in the peri-nodal
region, safety is an absolutely vital concern due to the proximity of
the AV node. Reversibility is one of the unique features of CryoTherapy, making it an appropriate choice of ablation therapy when working around the AV node.

CryoTherapy offers the ability to test potential ablation sites
electrophysiologically a technique known as CryoMapping, which
temporarily chills conducting tissue in the target area to create a reversible electrical effect. CryoAdhesion, another feature unique to CryoTherapy, ensures that the catheter tip is in constant and secure contact with the target site, providing electrophysiologists with a stable catheter during ablation.

Key definitions:

Ablation : Destroying tissue by killing cells. Surgical excision or
amputation of a body part or tissue.

Radiofrequency (RF) : A form of energy used to perform catheter

CryoAblation : Ablation by freezing.

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