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HYDROGEOLOGY (groundwater)

In the 1980s the company developed its groundwater expertise into the broader field of hydrogeology, and in particular, contaminated soil and groundwater.

Environmental issues included investigating wetlands and irrigation return flows for presence of endangered species such as Chinook salmon and steelhead.  Golder delineated wetlands and conducted fish studies (snorkeling and electro-shocking) to determine the presence of fish, while also examining waterfowl breeding, endangered plant species, cultural resources, water quality, and hydrogeology.

Golder Associates is a recognised leader in the field of hydrogeology for the aggregate industry. Services include hydrogeological studies in support of licence and permit applications, rehabilitation, permits to take water, and hydrogeological impact assessments.

Capabilities in the field of hydrogeology include:

  • * Field investigations to characterise hydrogeological conditions involving:

  • * geological/hydrogeological mapping;

  • * borehole drilling;

  • * monitoring well installations;

  • * packer (permeability) testing;

  • * pump testing;

  • * groundwater level monitoring; and

  • * groundwater quality analyses.

  • * Groundwater flow modelling;

  • * Development of groundwater management systems;

  • * Water taking permits;

  • * Resolution of well interference complaints;

  • * Mitigation of groundwater level and groundwater quality impacts; and

  • * Preparation of hydrogeological reports in support of aggregate licence and permit applications.

Golder Associates has personnel with the necessary background and experience to provide expert witness testimony at public hearings in support of licence applications and impact assessments for pits and quarries.

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