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Eagle Precision has been a world leader in the manufacture of muffler
equipment for over 30 years. This equipment includes pre-engineered and
customized machines for the production of muffler bodies and
subassemblies to suit almost any type of muffler shape and size. Our
systems consist of fully automated, high volume muffler assembly lines,
as well as low volume stand-alone machines and medium volume modules for use with today's flexible, Just-In-Time manufacturing methods. We have also designed machines and systems for the production of catalytic converters, shock absorbers and suspension struts. Our technologies are also used in other automotive applications such as tubular frame components and fluid lines, as well as the aircraft, air conditioning, muffler equipment and furniture industries.

The Eagle Precision GMS-VB is a vertical stuffing machine for inserting
baffles into silencers and mufflers. This revolutionary all-electric
muffler equipment features a small footprint due to its vertical
configuration. Additional highlights include drop-in tooling with
automatic setup, easy loading/unloading, ergonomic design and
operator-friendly control.

Automated muffler equipment machine lines: Eagle Precision excels at
automated, high volume muffler assembly lines. The muffler shells, at
various stages of construction, are moved from one station to another
using a walking beam transfer.

Automated Muffler Equipment Modules - For increased flexibility, Eagle
Precision has also supplied automated modules consisting of two to
three machines which are connected using a walking beam transfer.

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