co Container System is a manufacturer of polyethylene tank products
and containers for the storage, processing and transportation of bulk
material for the food, chemical, petrochemical and water treatment
industries. You can choose from one of the many polyethylene tank
products offered by ACO Container! Whether itís a Closed Top Tanks,
Open Top Tanks, Conical Bottom Tanks, Slope Bottom Tanks, Tote Barrels, Round Tanks, IBC's and Hoppers, Secondary Containment Basins, Double Wall Storage Tanks or Horizontal Tanks, ACO has what you require for your storage needs!

The ACO Horizontal polyethylene tank is a durable, one-piece construction that has a manway openings for easy access. This polyethylene tank is U.V. Stabilized for sunlight protection and has excellent resistance. to chemicals and corrosion Manufactured from LLDPE (Linear Polyethylene). XLPE (Cross Linked Polyethylene) available