The power boat manufacturer credits an upturn in the economy, as well as an expanded dealer network and product line. Power boat manufacturers know that for a period of ten years after a boat is built, federal law requires them to recall and repair their vessels. The capacity information is to be supplied by the power boat manufacturer.

If the power boat manufacturer is out of business, our suggestion is to have copies of correspondence available, to show you attempted to get a replacement.
Manufacturers Association offered it's assessment of how boating consumers are treated by power boat manufacturers.

A power boat manufacturer need to be able to care for consumers with the solid support of their dealers. I believe there are several power boat manufacturers in our industry that have and continue to do a less than acceptable job in manufacturing quality boats that will withstand the necessary and acceptable performance levels without, in many cases, having them in service more than the powerboats are being used on the water.

Although I believe that a power boat manufacturer bares the responsibility for delivering a boat that does what it's supposed to do, I also believe the engine manufacturers must bare much of the responsibility as well
Too often the dealer blames the power boat manufacturer when your new boat is delivered without the proper parts or equipment.