Silos vary in form from a covered pit, such as was used by the early Romans, to the modern storage tower, dating from the 19th cent. A silo may be made of wood, brick, reinforced concrete, metal, or tile blocks, and is sealed with earth, airproof paper, or plastic.

Columbian TecTank™ will design your storage tank or silo to meet the specified codes and recognized standards. All of our facilities are ISO 9000 quality system certified. With silos and tanks in over 100 countries, Columbian TecTank™ is your single source for liquid and dry bulk storage. Silo gas is a confined hazard that is formed after chopped silage is loaded into the silo.

Most of the more modern upright cylindrical silos are glass-lined and are considered the most efficient. Older or less expensive styles include the box silo, made of planks lined with heavy paper. There are many reasons why silos fail, usually due to loads applied to silo walls that are not capable of resisting them. Entering a bin, silo, tank or other type of storage structure is hazardous. Equipment for rescue operations which is specifically suited for the bin, silo, tank or storage structure being entered should be provided.

Columbian TecTank’s new seal welded aluminum silo gives us a great product for the chemical and food industry. Whether your needs are for carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel or even fiberglass silo we can help you with your silo requirements and any silo accessory that you might need. Welded storage silos are available in carbon steel, aluminum or stainless steel. Thus, informed producers recognizes that avoiding errors in silo use contributes to a safer environment and workplace. Silo failure can be catastrophic to workers and their businesses. Contacting your silo designer before placing any product in the vessel is always advisable.
Multi-compartment silos