Abak is not as well known as some of the other timesheet packages
reviewed. But this timesheet package is well-established in Canada,
and the vendor is increasing its U.S. presence. We received Abak version
5 to review, as well as a beta copy of version 6, which is now readily

This new version of the timesheet will change the way in which the
software is configured and accessed. The timesheet will be multi-tiered,
with the database separate from the application, though both of these
components can reside on the same PC.

New for this version, the program has adopted a user interface that is
similar to Outlook, multiple currency invoicing, fast timesheet entry
and client request processing functions. Abak provides mid- and
large-sized professional services firms with a tool to ensure accurate
invoicing. The program helps to prevent double-entry errors and offers
better control of subcontractors, vendors and resources.

Computer consulting companies prefer to keep their consultants billable
rather than working on internal activities. However, AGTI management
realized the importance of improving the internal business process, and
allocated resources to get the job done. It was not just a question of
training staff on how to use the new timesheet product. The training sessions reminded the consultants of the importance of submitting their timesheet “on time”, and helped ensure that they all understood the meaning of the timesheet coding scheme used by the company such as for non-billable activities including training, marketing, holidays, vacations, sickness, and leave of absence.