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Economics - Jan 20

UdeM's food purveyors are eliminating single-use food containers - paper as well plastic - starting Feb. CONTENU - Last September, Pascal Prouteau, Université de Montréal's director of residences, hospitality and food services, was taking inventory of his large stock of take-out containers when an idea occurred to him.

A new research study has found that banning menthol cigarettes does not lead more smokers to purchase menthols from illicit sources, contradicting claims made by the tobacco industry that the proposed ban of menthol cigarettes in the U.S. by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will lead to a significant increase in illicit cigarettes.

Aqua-Cell Energy is building better battery technology with saltwater - By Rose Simone University Relations - As someone born and raised in Calgary, Keith Cleland initially thought he would end up working in the oil industry.

Economics - Psychology - Dec 15, 2022

Artificial intelligence chatbots that show positive feelings - such as adding an -I am excited to do so!- or a few exclamation marks - do not necessarily translate into positive reactions or contribute to higher customer satisfaction, according to a recent study by researchers from the University of South Florida, the Georgia Institute of Technology and McGill University.

Economics - Jan 9

The inequality gap is increasing and so is conspicuous consumption - By Wendy Philpott University Relations - Our very human tendency to want to "keep up with the Joneses" is as apparent today as ever.

Economics - Career - Dec 21, 2022

Sixty per cent of employed North Americans are more stressed about their finances today than they were a year ago, and are experiencing the highest level of financial stress since the financial crisis of 2008, according to a new study from Canada's Financial Wellness Lab at Western.

One of the most powerful tools for mitigating the impact of climate change could be a material that is so common we tend not to think about it very much - concrete.

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