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Linguistics - Dec 1
Alex Noël, a specialist on the modern Quebec novel and queer memory, comes to UdeM to teach Quebec literature. CONTENU - Alex Noël fell in love with literature at a young age. "I felt that my other interests-history, philosophy, politics-could all be found in literature, and so by choosing lit I wasn't giving up anything," recalled Noël, newly appointed as a professor in Université de Montréal's Department of French-Language Literatures.
Health - Dec 1

A study shows that Riluzole could be effective in the treatment of certain leukodystrophies, neurodegenerative diseases that attack the myelin in the brain of young children. There's new hope for the future treatment of some leukodystrophies, neurodegenerative diseases in young children that progressively affect their quality of life, often leading to death before adulthood.

In his doctoral research in criminology, Étienne Garant is looking at the adaptation mechanisms used by people who acknowledge pedophilic urges but choose not to act on them. CONTENU - Étienne Garant knows he is tackling a huge social taboo.

Psycho-education professor Sarah Dufour and her team get a $1.2-million federal grant to evaluate the Espace Parents program, which promotes parenting skills among newcomers to Quebec. CONTENU - For many parents of young children who are new to Canada, the challenges can seem endless: renting a flat, getting a job, learning an official language, finding a good school.

Astronomy - Nov 22

The James Webb Space Telescope reveals another first: a full menu of atoms, molecules, and even signs of active chemistry and clouds in the distant 'hot Saturn" known as WASP-39 b. CONTENU - Known for beaming stunning images back to Earth, the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) just scored another first: a molecular and chemical portrait of a distant world's skies.

Religions - Nov 30

Drawing on insights from intercultural and decolonial theology, Jean-François Roussel deconstructs the story of the Mohawk saint.

Environment - Nov 29

Technology perfected by BrainBox AI uses artificial intelligence to help large buildings reduce their CO2 emissions and transition to more sustainable energy sources. CONTENU - Imagine AI technology that can work with a large building's management system to regulate each room's heating, ventilation and air conditioning needs in real time, based on occupancy and usage.

Health - Nov 23

Researcher and UdeM professor Guillaume Lajoie is working on projects that use AI to optimize direct interaction with the nervous system for targeted clinical interventions. CONTENU - Electrodes to prevent arrhythmia.

Astronomy - Nov 21

Portrait of two scientists who worked at the Institute for Research on Exoplanets CONTENU - The Institute for Research on Exoplanets brings together some 40 professors, researchers and interns from UdeM and McGill.

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Computer Science - 14.11
Assistant or Associate Professor in Computer Graphics Université de Montréal
Linguistics/Literature - 27.10
Assistant Professor in Archival Science Université de Montréal
Pedagogy - 27.10
Professeur adjoint ou professeure adjointe en archivistique Université de Montréal
Health - 27.10
Assistant Professor in Occupational Health and Safety Université de Montréal
Social Sciences - 24.10
Assistant Professor in social psychology Université de Montréal
Social Sciences - 24.10
Professeur adjoint ou professeure adjointe en psychologie sociale Université de Montréal

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