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Health - Aug 15
In her research,áDiana Peragineáencounteredástudy after study that suggested an early sexual debut poses a risk to sexual health and sets the stage for a long list of negative outcomes, from unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections to sexual exploitation and abuse.á "Research has traditionally cast first sexual intercourse as a young person's sexual debut and focused on the public health concerns that it raises - documenting its onset, its causes, and its consequences as a problem behaviour not unlike adolescent drinking and drug use," says Peragine, a doctoral candidate in psychology at the University of Toronto Mississauga.
Mathematics - Aug 15

Math has transportedáVelimir Jurdjevic to new and exciting realms.á "I often think of math as a ladder.

Environment - Aug 12

Forá Oseremen Ebewele , chemical engineering is both a family affair and a vital tool to address global sustainability issues, including climate change.

Social Sciences - Aug 11
Social Sciences

How do Canadian children with disabilities and their families experience playgrounds? What about adjacent areas such as parking lots and pathways? How can educators and rehabilitation specialists use playground spaces?.

Social Sciences - Aug 10
Social Sciences

From fixer to reporter: After escaping the Taliban, University of Toronto's Jalal Nazari is on his way to becoming a journalist.

Health - Aug 12

When medical students complete their residencies, they're not just getting real-world experience - they help keep doctors on their toes.

Music - Aug 11

The University of Toronto's áChristina Vanden Bosch der Nederlanden remembers the moment she became interested in how humans perceive sound.

Innovation - Aug 10

Canada is a world leader in life sciences research and innovation, but more investment is needed to spur the commercialization of made-in-Canada discoveries, according to the University of Toronto's Leah Cowen.

Health - Aug 10

Scientists understand that proteins cause various diseases, from Alzheimer's to cystic fibrosis to Parkinson's to cataracts.

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