Teens with behavioural problems, particularly girls, more likely to sext

Social Sciences - Psychology

Researchers say it's important to recognize and support youth who are vulnerable to sexual victimization. It's important that programs promoting safer sexting behaviours consider the specific needs of adolescents with behavioural problems, a new study by McGill researchers suggests. Adolescents with behavioural problems engage in elevated levels of sexting compared with their peers without such problems.

Psychology - Jun 18

Predicting problematic pornography use

Using pornography compulsively. Using it to cope with negative emotions. Being disturbed by one's own choice of pornographic material. Feeling ashamed of using pornography.

Psychology - Jun 5

An effective insomnia treatment for night-shift workers


Intervention leads to partial or total remission of insomnia in over 90% of people.

Psychology - May 18

Self-determination and social identity: Modeling team motivation

A model that combines self-determination theory and social identity theory can shed light on team motivation and functioning, according to a recent study What are the underlying dynamics of group motivation in a team or organ

Health sciences prof Roula Hawa runs mindfulness study to reduce HIV risks

Health - Psychology

A Western professor is launching a new mindfulness study as a tool to create connection, heighten resilience and lower high-risk activity within a population facing many new cases of HIV.

One year in, The Summit transforms mental health care for youth in Calgary

Health - Psychology

Every patient has an opportunity to improve the outcome for the next young person to walk in the front door There's an audible series of clicks, and o

Virtual reality to help teen mental health

Psychology - Computer Science

A Simon Fraser University (SFU) researcher is using virtual reality (VR) to help teens regulate their emotions and is using their feedback to help des

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