New SFU-based Clean Hydrogen Hub to fuel clean energy research and innovation

Simon Fraser University's newest core facility will help British Columbia and Canada become world leaders in the production of clean hydrogen products and technology, reduce carbon emissions and create local and national of hydrogen-sector jobs. Located on the Burnaby campus, the SFU Clean Hydrogen Hub is a Canadian academic-industry clean energy infrastructure project meant to accelerate hydrogen technology innovation.

Battery breakthrough could usher in greener, cheaper electric vehicles

McGill researchers unlock game-changing alternatives for electric vehicle batteries, potentially reducing manufacturing costs by 20 per cent The global shift to electric vehicles is gaining momentum, yet the extraction of bat

SFU professor and alumnus win Governor General’s Innovation Award

Innovation - Chemistry

Steven Holdcroft, professor in SFU's Department of Chemistry, alongside SFU alumnus Ben Britton, Chief Strategy Officer of Ionomr Innovations , have b

’Revealing images that seemed lost forever:’ Western research revives 1800s photos

Physics - Chemistry

Techniques developed by researchers from Western University to create images from old, badly tarnished photographs could also be used to study other h

Tour de force: Western Space researchers chart Orion Nebula like never before

Astronomy & Space - Chemistry

Els Peeters, Jan Cami and collaborators among first scientists to use James Webb telescope for research and they targeted star formation Star and planet formation is a messy affair.

Two-dimensional nanomaterial sets record for expert-defying, counter-intuitive expansion

Physics - Chemistry

It is a common hack to stretch a balloon out to make it easier to inflate. When the balloon stretches, the width crosswise shrinks to the size of a string.

Ant pheromones may help protect hikers and campers from ticks

Life Sciences - Chemistry

If you're outside enjoying the spring sunshine, then chances are, ticks are too.