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Life Sciences - Research Management - 06.10.2022
A one-stop-shop for brain imaging
A one-stop-shop for brain imaging
Software tool brings together multiple brain maps in one place The brain is a complex organ, and no one imaging mode can catch everything that's going on inside it. Over the years, multiple -brain maps- have emerged, each focusing on different brain processes, from metabolism to cognitive function. While these maps are important, using them in isolation limits the discoveries researchers can make from them.

Research Management - 23.02.2022
Journal agreements make Western research more accessible 
Western Libraries has reached licencing deals with academic publishers so that more research is in open-access journals. Photo by Bernd Klutsch of Unsplash When professor Johanna Weststar's most recent research paper was done, reviewed, revised and accepted into her preferred academic journal, just one more question remained: open access or closed? If closed (or subscription) access, publication fees would cost her $5,000.

Research Management - 31.01.2022
UdeM signs the Declaration on Research Assessment
UdeM signs the Declaration on Research Assessment
UdeM has signed DORA to support the development and promotion of best practices in university research assessment. Université de Montréal has joined the 21,000 signatories of the San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA), a global initiative to make the research ecosystem fairer and more inclusive, while underscoring the vital role of scholarly journals in the dissemination of research findings.