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Social Sciences - Media - 20.01.2023
When the screen harms the teen
Adolescents face problems of lowered self-esteem and higher risk of symptoms associated with eating disorders by spending so much time on social media, a new study finds. CONTENU - Patricia Conrod Increased social media use by teenagers is associated with a decrease in their self-esteem and a growth of symptoms associated with eating disorders, according to a new Canadian study.

Media - 01.09.2022
Spiders caught in a web of Internet lies
Spiders caught in a web of Internet lies
It's no secret that the internet and social media fuel rampant spread of misinformation in many areas of life. A collective of researchers, including Catherine Scott , Postdoctoral Fellow in McGill University's Lyman Lab, have explored this phenomenon as it applies to news about spiders. The verdict? Don't blindly trust anything you read online about these eight-legged arthropods-or anything else for that matter-and always consider the source.