Important changes for social communications internships

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New formula after more than 25 years of history

Farrah Bérubé, Director of Undergraduate Programs in Social Communications at UQ
Farrah Bérubé, Director of Undergraduate Programs in Social Communications at UQTR, is delighted with the new internship program.
Starting in fall 2023, new students enrolled in UQTR’s Bachelor of Social Communications program will discover a redesigned curriculum featuring three part-time internships instead of just one full-time one. The new curriculum will alternate between theory and practice, enabling the UQTR’s Bachelor’s degree in Social Communications to stand out from the rest of Quebec’s universities.

Upon completion of their first year of studies, new students enrolled in the UQTR Bachelor of Social Communications program in the 2023 cohort will have the opportunity to complete a three-credit "observation and exploration" internship with an organization of their choice. Then, in their final year of study, students will have the opportunity to complete two other internships, each worth 6 credits: one in the fall, "Professional skills experimentation", and the other, "Professional intervention in a host environment", during the winter session.

"While the fifteen-week, full-time, final internship formula has served our program well since its inception over 25 years ago, enabling us to forge lasting ties with a number of organizations, splitting it up will offer greater flexibility, a valuable ally in the current labour shortage context," explains Farrah Bérubé, Director of Undergraduate Programs in Social Communication at UQTR.

Organizations interested in finding out more about how internships work, or who wish to apply as potential host environments, can visit the Social Communications Internships website. In addition, a virtual information session on the new Social Communications Internship program will be held on October 10, from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. To obtain the ZOOM link to attend, simply contact the Social Communications Internship Coordinator at

About Social Communication at UQTR

The social communication programs at UQTR are distinguished by their focus on the social dimension of communication. In society, the media, culture, organizations, politics and human interaction, communication is an act oriented towards others. UQTR’s social communications programs train professionals to apply their knowledge, skills and experience in the media, universities, government departments, private enterprise, community organizations and international organizations.