Waterloo expands opportunities for aspiring medical and veterinary students 

The Faculty of Science signs agreements with Caribbean medical and veterinary schools to streamline student pathways to medical school 

By Katie McQuaid Faculty of Science

Many science students begin their undergraduate degrees already thinking about what comes next. For some, it is progressing in a research career or jumping into the job market, but for others, it has always been the dream of becoming a doctor or a veterinarian. With each course and elective, they meticulously plan their undergraduate studies guided by their passion and purpose for studying medicine. For these aspiring medical or veterinary practitioners, every step is building toward a successful application that will lead to an interview. 

To further support students with aspirations of attending medical or veterinary school, the Faculty of Science at the University of Waterloo is excited to announce it has signed agreements that will diversify the educational pathways available for students. Thanks to these agreements, there are now five international options for students interested in continuing their educational journey in medical or veterinary school. 

Based in the Caribbean, Saba University School of Medicine , Medical University of the Americas , St. Matthew’s University School of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine , Ross University School of Medicine  and the American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine , now all have agreements with Science that benefit our students in many ways.  

Starting with the next intake cycle, the agreements state that all students who meet the admissions criteria for each institution will be granted an interview, giving our graduates a leg-up in the application process. Between the five educational institutes, there are program site connections in the U.S., U.K., and Canada, giving students a variety of clinical experiences. Each institute also has great financial support for international students including scholarships of up to $105,000 USD, making medical school one step closer to becoming a reality for those who need financial assistance.  

Chris Houser, dean of the Faculty of Science, believes these expanded pathways will provide students with more opportunities to achieve their academic goals and bring them one step closer to their dream careers.  

"The Faculty of Science is thrilled to announce these agreements and the opportunities and benefits they will provide to Science students who want to study medicine upon graduation," Houser says. "These agreements open up five fantastic educational options for our students who are looking for an international foundation for their medical school experience." 

These agreements give an advantage to Science student applications that can be paramount for those who want to make their dream of medical school a reality in such a highly competitive application process. 

"We know the application process for medical schools can be a stressful one with tests, mountains of paperwork, and what can feel like months spent waiting to hear whether you made it to the interview stage," says Laura Deakin, Science’s associate dean for teaching and learning. "These agreements create clearer pathways for Science students, moving them directly into the interview stage if they meet each institute’s admissions criteria."  

By engaging in agreements like those above, the Faculty of Science continues to expand the advantages available to being a UW Science student. To learn more about educational pathways within the Faculty of Science, visit our Medical School Partnerships page.