Results for: UCalgary researchers quantify connection between homelessness and mental health disorders

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Researchers say findings point to vital need for specific interventions to support mental health needs of unhoused people Health-care professionals who work with people experiencing homelessness know many of the people may also be living with a mental health disorder. University of Calgary researchers wanted to better understand how often these two things are connected, and what they found surprised them.

Younger Canadians are more prone to self-judgment, SFU study finds

Psychology - Social Sciences

A study by Simon Fraser University psychologists that examined different facets of mindfulness in Canadians has found that youth and adolescents are m

Expert insight: Weight stigma is more than just being mean to fat people

Psychology - Health

Do not tell fat people they need fixing; these microaggressions make people's health worse, not better People may think weight stigma only manifests a

Making mural art helps teens cope

Psychology - Social Sciences

School of Psychoeducation doctoral candidate Rocio Macabena Perez finds that UdeM's extracurricular Art en tęte program reduces depressive symptoms in Quebec high-school students.

There are benefits - and risks - to pornography

A new study reveals that viewing porn can either help or hinder sexual satisfaction, depending on the type of content. Consuming pornography can lead to improved sexual satisfaction - or it can be detrimental to it, as different content types are associated with different outcomes.

Who does what better: a non-binary view

A research team led by UdeM's Robert-Paul Juster has shown that performance on some cognitive tasks is better predicted by gender identity than by sex assigned at birth.

More awareness and investment needed to support people with long COVID: SFU report

Health - Psychology

More long COVID awareness and education is needed among doctors, nurses, care providers and the public in Canada to reduce stigma around the condition

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