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Indigenous Peoples all over the world have endured a common history. And, asá Uahikea Maile ánotes, the experience of "colonial dispossession, territorial enclosure and the subsequent creation of nation states" is not unique to North America.

Adolescents face problems of lowered self-esteem and higher risk of symptoms associated with eating disorders by spending so much time on social media, a new study finds. CONTENU - Patricia Conrod Increased social media use by teenagers is associated with a decrease in their self-esteem and a growth of symptoms associated with eating disorders, according to a new Canadian study.

Talking about complex societal issues requires trusted experts to combat disinformation. Faculty of Arts - Dr. Ashley Rose Mehlenbacher is the Canada Research Chair in Science, Health and Technology Communication and leading expert on how communication practices shape how people engage with scientific and technical subject matters.

Members of the Xwe-etay/Lasqueti Island Archaeology Project (XLAP), including SFU researchers Dana Lepofsky and Sean Markey, Coast Salish Nations, and Xwe-etay (Lasqueti) residents have been working to dispel myths about Indigenous heritage on the island, protect Indigenous heritage, and address fears surrounding the practice of archaeology through community-engaged archaeology.

Caroline Deli's doctoral research aims to understand the trajectories that lead men to self-identify as 'incels', or involuntary celibates. CONTENU - Incels are men-primarily cisgender and heterosexual- who believe they are unable to find a romantic or sexual partner, despite wanting one.

While men who have experienced a separation often try to cope on their own, a qualitative study shows the importance of educating them to seek help.

Study led by Professor Patrick Lussier shows significant decline in recidivism of sex crimes in Canada over 80 years.

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