professorship in canada

professorship in canada

Finding a university professorship in Canada: A guide for researchers

Are you a Canadian or foreign researcher looking for a position as a university professor in higher education or research? Here you’ll find essential information on how and where to start an academic career in Canada.

Canada is a popular destination for academics, thanks to its world-renowned academic institutions and numerous research and teaching opportunities. Whether you’re a Canadian or a foreign scholar, the country offers a welcoming and dynamic environment in which to pursue a career in academia. This guide will provide you with essential information to help you navigate the application process, find a position suited to your skills and maximize your chances of success.

How do you choose your teaching position?

Identify your areas of expertise: Before you begin your job search, it’s crucial to define your areas of expertise. Think about the subjects you want to teach and the research you want to conduct.

Search for universities and departments: Canada is home to many renowned universities with departments in a wide variety of disciplines. Make a list of institutions that offer programs in your field of interest. Check out department websites, read descriptions of open positions and take note of the specific requirements for each position.

Prepare your application documents: Each teaching position has its own selection criteria. Be sure to prepare a complete application package, including an academic CV, cover letter, copies of publications, letters of recommendation and a research and teaching statement.

Where to start a teaching career in Canada?

For a complete list of universities and academic institutions in Canada, please consult the directory on

Salary and working conditions

Salary range: Salaries for university professors in Canada vary according to institution, academic rank (assistant, associate, full professor) and experience. In general, the salary range is between CAD 70,000 and CAD 150,000 per year. Professors may also enjoy additional benefits such as research funds, conference travel grants, health insurance and retirement plans.

Funding sources :

  • Research grants: Many government agencies and organizations offer grants to support professors’ research projects.
  • Research chairs: Some professors may be awarded research chairs, which provide additional funding and recognition for academic excellence.
  • Institutional scholarships: Many universities offer scholarships and internal funds to support the research activities and teaching initiatives of their professors.

How to apply?

Open professorships are advertised in national and international newspapers, journals and job portals (e.g. the myScience scientific job portal jobs.myScience). The advertisement indicates how to apply and what documents (CV, list of publications, etc.) you need to enclose.


Pursuing a career as a university professor in Canada is a rewarding opportunity that can open many doors in the fields of higher education and research. By following the advice in this guide and showing determination and passion for teaching and research, you’ll be well equipped to succeed in your academic and professional journey in Canada.