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Architecture - 20.03.2023
Financial landlords own four times more rental units than previously thought
Financial firms have moved in on Montreal's rental housing market New research indicates that a small percentage of financial landlords, like private equity firms and institutional investors, own four times more of Montreal's rental housing stock than was previously estimated. Neighbourhoods with more financial landlords are also experiencing higher housing stress levels.

Environment - Architecture - 15.02.2023
Canada’s first zero-carbon, net-positive energy building is on track to propel Ontario’s energy transition
Research shows how data and staff expertise play a vital role in ensuring sustainable buildings deliver on their promise to put clean energy back into the grid Office buildings are typically not energy efficient, and globally they contribute to nearly a third of greenhouse gas emissions from construction to end of life.

Physics - Architecture - 31.01.2023
'Liquid windows' inspired by squid skin could help buildings save energy
’Liquid windows’ inspired by squid skin could help buildings save energy
Inspired by the dynamic colour-changing skin of organisms such as squid, University of Toronto researchers have developed a multilayered fluidic system that can reduce the energy costs of heating, cooling and lighting buildings. The platform, which optimizes the wavelength, intensity and dispersion of light transmitted through windows, offers much greater control than existing technologies while keeping costs low due to its use of simple, off-the-shelf components.

Environment - Architecture - 19.01.2023
Build more, pollute less: University of Toronto research centre tackles need for sustainable infrastructure
The newest research centre at the University of Toronto's Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering will develop innovative ways to meet the urgent and growing need for infrastructure - without further exacerbating the climate crisis. The Centre for the Sustainable Built Environment brings together seven researchers from across University of Toronto, as well as a dozen companies in construction and related industries.

Architecture - 04.04.2022
Impact of rapid transit expansion on housing prices
Impact of rapid transit expansion on housing prices
Arts & Humanities Nathan Skolski Recent UBC research finds the expansion of rapid transit generally benefits households from all income groups, but higher income households benefit the most. Dr. Andrea Craig is an assistant professor of economics in UBC Okanagan's Irving K. Barber Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.