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Psychology - 18.05.2024
Self-determination and social identity: Modeling team motivation
A model that combines self-determination theory and social identity theory can shed light on team motivation and functioning, according to a recent study What are the underlying dynamics of group motivation in a team or organization' How does it take shape' And how does it influence a team's functioning and effectiveness' A recent article in Applied Psychology: An International Review attempts to answer these questions.

Health - Psychology - 03.05.2024
Behavioural therapy and sleep: a lifeline for night workers
Behavioural therapy and sleep: a lifeline for night workers
A new study shows that behavioural therapy can improve the sleep and mental health of workers with atypical schedules. If you are a police officer, a healthcare worker, a firefighter or even a miner, you may be part of the 25% to 30% of the population with atypical working hours. This type of schedule may involve working early mornings, evenings and nights, and it may be fixed, on-call or rotating.

Psychology - 23.04.2024
People surprisingly reluctant to reach out to old friends
People surprisingly reluctant to reach out to old friends
People are as hesitant to reach out to an old friend as they are to strike up a conversation with a stranger, even when they have the capacity and desire to do so, according to a new joint study by researchers at Simon Fraser University (SFU) and the University of Sussex. Published this morning in Nature Communications Psychology , a paper by co-authors SFU Professor Lara Aknin and Gillian Sandstrom at the University of Sussex in Brighton (U.K.), looks at whether and why people are reluctant to reach out to rekindle old relationships.

Health - Psychology - 18.04.2024
Researchers quantify connection between homelessness and mental health disorders
Researchers quantify connection between homelessness and mental health disorders
Researchers say findings point to vital need for specific interventions to support mental health needs of unhoused people Health-care professionals who work with people experiencing homelessness know many of the people may also be living with a mental health disorder. University of Calgary researchers wanted to better understand how often these two things are connected, and what they found surprised them.

Psychology - Social Sciences - 17.04.2024
Younger Canadians are more prone to self-judgment
Younger Canadians are more prone to self-judgment
A study by Simon Fraser University psychologists that examined different facets of mindfulness in Canadians has found that youth and adolescents are more likely to display traits of self-judgment and have worse mental health, including anxiety, depression and stress. By contrast, older participants were found to be more likely to be mindful and focus their attention on the present moment, observing themselves and others without judgment.

Social Sciences - Psychology - 16.04.2024
There are benefits - and risks - to pornography
There are benefits - and risks - to pornography
A new study reveals that viewing porn can either help or hinder sexual satisfaction, depending on the type of content. Consuming pornography can lead to improved sexual satisfaction - or it can be detrimental to it, as different content types are associated with different outcomes. That's what's revealed in a new study by Université de Montréal psychology professor Beáta Bothe , published in February in the Journal of Sex Research.

Psychology - Life Sciences - 09.04.2024
Who does what better: a non-binary view
A research team led by UdeM's Robert-Paul Juster has shown that performance on some cognitive tasks is better predicted by gender identity than by sex assigned at birth. Many studies have found sex differences in cognitive abilities. In general, women outperform men on verbal and fine motor tasks, while men outperform women on spatial orientation and mental rotation tasks.

Health - Psychology - 28.03.2024
Link between homelessness and dementia
Link between homelessness and dementia
Study shows people experiencing homelessness more likely to develop dementia, and at a younger age The prevalence of dementia in unhoused people was almost two times greater than in the general population, with a higher prevalence for age groups younger than 85 years, according to new research led by researchers at Western, ICES and Lawson Health Research Institute.

Life Sciences - Psychology - 22.03.2024
Cognitive performance at age four can be predicted in infancy
Cognitive performance at age four can be predicted in infancy
Based on the brain dynamics she observed in infants, UdeM doctoral candidate of psychology Florence Deguire was able to determine which would go on to have the best adaptive behaviours scores. Using electroencephalogram (EEG) data collected before the age of one, it is possible to predict which babies will have the highest adaptive behaviour scores at the age of four.

Psychology - 04.03.2024
’problematic’ use of porn
Led by UdeM assistant professor Beáta Bothe, researchers explore how online pornography affects people differently around the world - not just men, but also women and non-binary people. A major international study led by a Canadian psychologist sheds light on a hidden phenomenon: how problematic use of pornography is affecting people in different parts of the world, across various genders and sexual orientations.

Career - Psychology - 20.02.2024
Lessons from the pandemic: the trouble with working from home
Researchers in Canada and France followed 700 office workers for six months in 2020 and 2021 to see how they were coping. Their findings reveal a less than favorable outlook on extensive remote work. Remember when COVID-19 hit, and suddenly everyone was working from home? Well, a team of researchers in Montreal and Paris decided to dig deeper into how this shift affected office workers during the pandemic.

Psychology - 15.02.2024
How parents can help prevent the development of ADHD symptoms
ADHD can be stemmed through specific parenting behaviours Parents of young children with an excitable or exuberant temperament could adapt their parenting style to help moderate their child's potential development of Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), according to a new study co-authored by a University of Waterloo researcher.

Psychology - 14.02.2024
Western researchers examine intimate relationships  
Valentine's Day means the stores are filled with hearts and chocolate and florists are rushing to fill orders. But beyond cards and candy, what factors make for a strong relationship that lasts?  Why do some relationships break down and others flourish? How does a relationship progress to a long-term partnership? How important is sexual compatibility in a successful relationship?  These are among the questions researchers in Western's psychology department are examining, through relationship studies involving feedback from couples in intimate relationships.

Health - Psychology - 19.01.2024
Expert insight: Excessive social media use worsened adolescent mental health during COVID-19
Expert insight: Excessive social media use worsened adolescent mental health during COVID-19
Lockdowns and lack of support networks left youth more vulnerable to the negative effects of social media How does time spent online, and especially social media, affect the brains and behaviours of children and youth? Social media platforms are seemingly designed to capture the attention of users and produce habitual checking of apps and notifications.

Social Sciences - Psychology - 21.12.2023
Non-abusive 'red flags' that predict intimate partner violence
Non-abusive ’red flags’ that predict intimate partner violence
Researchers from Western say it's rare for someone to go on a first date and experience intimate partner violence immediately. It takes time and during that time, people become more committed to their partner. As the relationship progresses, tangible and intangible elements of a relationship like moving in together, getting married or falling in love can make it more difficult to leave.

Health - Psychology - 08.12.2023
New SFU report reveals concerning teen mental health struggles in B.C
There is an urgent need for mental health supports and interventions for youth in British Columbia, according to the results of a new report led by Simon Fraser University. The recently released report , which surveyed nearly 15,000 youth in the province, found half of 15- to 17-year-olds indicated that their mental health was fair or poor and nearly 40 per cent screened positive for depression (38 per cent) and generalized anxiety (39 per cent).

Psychology - 28.11.2023
The world needs more empathy-here is how science can harness it
McGill researchers explore the power of imagination, showing how a shift in thinking can make humans more caring In a world grappling with deep-seated division and social upheaval, empathy has become more critical than ever. But science suggests when it comes to evoking empathy, our imagination is more powerful than we previously thought.

Psychology - Economics - 24.11.2023
The Psychology of Success in Data Science Contest Design
Researcher from the School of Accounting and Finance explores how nonmonetary factors impact contestant behavior and effort levels By Kelsey Stoddart School of Accounting and Finance In today's data-driven world, holding data science competitions is a popular way to address real-world problems. Companies leverage these competitions to crowdsource solutions and strategically attract potential employees.

Life Sciences - Psychology - 21.11.2023
Unlocking the impact of early-life adversity on brain function
Do adults with a history of childhood trauma have altered brain responses to psychological challenges? Previous studies indicated that this can occur in laboratory animals, but it has been unclear whether it occurs in humans. Now a team of scientists, led by researchers from McGill University, have found evidence that exposure to childhood adversity is associated with an altered ability to process stressful challenges and other emotional material.

Health - Psychology - 14.11.2023
Older adolescents with physical and mental illnesses have lowest self-perceptions
Study has implications when planning the transition from pediatric to adult health services Faculty of Health The combination of physical and mental illness had a negative impact on self-perception among older adolescents, but not for younger ones, shows a new University of Waterloo study. Researchers found that compared to adolescents with a physical illness only, their self-concept - the image we have of ourselves - was lower, but that was not the case for younger adolescents.
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