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Mechanical Engineering - 06.05.2024
A better way to ride a motorcycle
Motorcycles are designed to accommodate the average-sized rider, leaving taller and shorter riders vulnerable to discomfort. A new study from the University of Waterloo used software that predicted realistic motorcycle riding behaviours, considering human factors and ergonomic trade-offs. It found that shorter and taller statures require joint adjustments to achieve their preferred riding posture.

Mechanical Engineering - 15.02.2023
University of Toronto researchers help design the future of nuclear waste management
University of Toronto researchers help design the future of nuclear waste management
Researchers at the University of Toronto are collaborating with the Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) to optimize the design and layout of a new plant for processing used nuclear fuel packages.

Mechanical Engineering - 06.12.2022
Solving a messy problem
Engineering researchers make a media splash with sleek new 'splash-free' urinal design By Brian Caldwell Faculty of Engineering Engineering researchers at the University of Waterloo followed their curiosity and called on nature for inspiration for a new urinal design that has attracted internatinal attention by solving the messy problem of splash-back.

Life Sciences - Mechanical Engineering - 08.08.2022
Tip for riders of hoverboards
Tip for riders of hoverboards
Engineering researchers have some simple advice for people learning to ride hoverboards: it's all in the ankles. An experiment using sophisticated cameras and sensors attached to first-time riders revealed that ankle movements, not knee or hip movements, are the key to catching on to the increasingly popular devices.