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Life Sciences - 26.09.2023
Can a simple eye exam help diagnose autism?
Researchers studied a cohort of 400 children aged 9 to 10 in New Zealand who exhibited a full range of possible autism traits and conducted a variety of vision and visuomotor processing tests with them. Females are often underdiagnosed with being on the autism spectrum because they often mask their symptoms more successfully than males.

Astronomy / Space - 20.09.2023
Using machine learning to close Canada’s digital divide
Researchers use AI to detect potential problems with satellites before they happen Rural and remote communities in Canada often rely on satellites to access the internet, but those connections are fraught - with many glitches and service interruptions because the technology can be unreliable. The inequity in internet access between these communities and those who live in cities is an ongoing problem with myriad consequences for Canada's economic productivity.

Environment - Health - 18.09.2023
What is the carbon footprint of a hospital bed?
What is the carbon footprint of a hospital bed?
In a first-of-its-kind study, Waterloo researchers calculate the environmental footprint of hospitals Researchers from the University of Waterloo completed the first-ever assessment of a Canadian hospital to reveal its total environmental footprint and specific carbon emission hotspots. Studying a hospital in British Columbia during its 2019 fiscal year, the researchers identified energy and water use and purchasing of medical products as the hospital's primary hotspots, accounting for over half of the yearly footprint, totalling 3500-5000 tons of CO2 equivalent.

Economics - 14.09.2023
How businesses recognize employee achievement impacts engagement, motivation and performance
New research shows that team-based recognition can be effective in settings where performance is highly interdependent, and teamwork is essential to the company's success. Businesses are becoming increasingly competitive as they fight to recruit and retain top talent. Recognition programs are widespread across businesses and workplaces, and are used to improve employee engagement, while motivating employee effort and performance.

Environment - Economics - 13.09.2023
Disrupting the myth of water abundance in Ontario
New research reveals half of our watersheds have a moderate to high potential for water risk Ontario may seem to be a water secure region, but new research out of the University of Waterloo challenges the myth of water abundance in the Great Lakes watershed. Using a first-of-its-kind risk analysis, researchers connected water quality, quantity, regulations and public concern to obtain a more comprehensive picture of water security at the local level.

Physics - Computer Science - 11.09.2023
Researchers make a significant step towards reliably processing quantum information
Using laser light, researchers have developed the most robust method currently known to control individual qubits made of the chemical element barium. The ability to reliably control a qubit is an important achievement for realizing future functional quantum computers. This new method, developed at the University of Waterloo's Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC), uses a small glass waveguide to separate laser beams and focus them four microns apart, about four-hundredths of the width of a single human hair.

Environment - Materials Science - 28.08.2023
Inspiration from spider webs and beetles to harvest fresh water from thin air
Inspiration from spider webs and beetles to harvest fresh water from thin air
The proposed freshwater generation systems are inexpensive, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly A team of researchers is designing novel systems to capture water vapour in the air and turn it into liquid. University of Waterloo professor Michael Tam and his PhD students Yi Wang and Weinan Zhao have developed sponges or membranes with a large surface area that continually capture moisture from their surrounding environment.

Environment - 17.08.2023
Understanding the intersections of climate change and Indigenous health and well-being
Waterloo researcher presents at the 16th session of the Expert Mechanism on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Waterloo Climate Institute Diverse knowledge and expertise are critical in understanding the intersections between health and climate change. Indigenous and local knowledge are fundamental in tackling this area of research and supporting the co-production of knowledge, bringing generations of wisdom, experience and practices to the discussion.

Mathematics - 17.08.2023
Are you breaking your body clock?
Researchers use mathematical models to better understand how the body regulates circadian rhythms Researchers are using mathematical models to better understand the effects of disruptions like daylight savings time, working night shifts, jet lag or even late-night phone scrolling on the body's circadian rhythms.

Astronomy / Space - Physics - 16.08.2023
Countdown to XRISM
Waterloo scientists guide the decades-long journey for the XRISM astronomy satellite to demystify black hole feedback dynamics By Jordan Flemming University Relations In a quest to decipher the enigmatic power of black holes and the intricate role they play in galaxy growth and structure - Waterloo scientists are gearing up for a much-anticipated launch.

Environment - Chemistry - 09.08.2023
Collaborative research to advance sustainability
Professor David Simakov is developing innovative technologies to solve complex environmental challenges By Nicola Kelly Faculty of Engineering David Simakov, a professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering, is actively engaged in two bold interdisciplinary collaborations with Canadian and international partners to advance UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Health - Computer Science - 08.08.2023
New model reduces bias and enhances trust in AI decision-making and knowledge organization
Researchers aim to bridge the gap between AI technology and human understanding University of Waterloo researchers have developed a new explainable artificial intelligence (AI) model to reduce bias and enhance trust and accuracy in machine learning-generated decision-making and knowledge organization.

Sport - 03.08.2023
Current data on cycling behaviour neglects equity-deserving groups
Recognizing the diversity of cycling travel behaviour will improve participation and infrastructure investments The limitations of Statistics Canada's cycling data are having a real-world impact on women and marginalized people participating in cycling, a new study finds. The long-form census bike-to-work data is currently the primary evidence transportation engineers and planners use to make a case for spending on cycling infrastructure.

Economics - 02.08.2023
How brands address getting called out on Twitter affects their bottom line
New research shows how social media engagement on Twitter impacts customer satisfaction In the digital age, a new Twitter strategy can have implications for a healthy bottom line. How companies handle customer complaints on social media plays a critical role in their customer-focused performance management systems.

Environment - 26.07.2023
New research method determines health impacts of heat and air quality 
Researchers discover the rise in health concerns due to heat waves in Canada The planet experienced the hottest day on record earlier this month and climate projections estimate the intensity of heat waves and poor air quality will increase and continue to cause severe impacts. Researchers from the University of Waterloo and Toronto Metropolitan University have refined and expanded a method of data collection to assess their health impacts.

Pharmacology - Health - 25.07.2023
Researchers developing first drug of its kind to treat incurable eye diseases
Researchers developing first drug of its kind to treat incurable eye diseases
Researchers have developed a novel synthetic protein to treat macular degeneration and other incurable eye diseases that lead to blindness in millions of people. It is the first drug of its kind and is currently in human trials. Neovascular age-related macular degeneration (AMD) affects more than 200 million people worldwide.

Health - 10.07.2023
Search engines and social media can forecast disease outbreaks
Researchers found association between prevalence of COVID and search queries, posts Internet search engine queries and social media data can be early warning signals, creating a real-time surveillance system for disease forecasting, says a recent University of Waterloo study. Using the example of COVID-19, researchers found there was an association between the disease's prevalence and search engine queries and social media posts.

Physics - Mathematics - 04.07.2023
The vampire einstein
Researchers discover a single shape that tiles the plane aperiodically without reflection By Joe Petrik Cheriton School of Computer Science Just months ago, an international team of four that includes Cheriton School of Computer Science Craig Kaplan discovered a single shape that tiles the plane - an infinite, two-dimensional surface - in a pattern that can never be made to repeat.

Computer Science - 27.06.2023
How secure are voice authentication systems really?
Attackers can break voice authentication with up to 99 per cent success within six tries Computer scientists at the University of Waterloo have discovered a method of attack that can successfully bypass voice authentication security systems with up to a 99% success rate after only six tries. Voice authentication - which allows companies to verify the identity of their clients via a supposedly unique "voiceprint" - has increasingly been used in remote banking, call centers and other security-critical scenarios.

Innovation - 19.06.2023
New technology offers simple, low-cost method for encapsulation
Novel technology could be useful in the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, cosmetic and personal care industries Researchers at the University of Waterloo have developed a simple, low-cost method for accurately encapsulating core materials (which could be pure liquid or liquid containing suspended functional ingredients) that could make important contributions to a wide range of industry applications.