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Administration - 23.02.2023
Q and A with the experts: Who owns the map?
Without access to high-quality, reliable spatial data, government functions and services will suffer   Within the rapidly changing landscape of data providers, governments must address concerns over who collects and uses data to support the public interest.

Religions - 23.02.2023
Religious plurality in Quebec is a fact
In a new book based on a major in-person survey, a misconception is debunked: there's actually a wide diversity of religious beliefs in what's supposed to be "secular" Quebec.

Music - Campus - 23.02.2023

Linguistics / Literature - Campus - 23.02.2023

Health - Pharmacology - 23.02.2023
More awareness needed to improve heart health in women: University of Toronto researcher
More awareness needed to improve heart health in women: University of Toronto researcher
Cardiovascular disease is one of the leading causes of death in women - and the mortality rate has been steadily increasing since 2017 in Canada and the United States.

Social Sciences - Earth Sciences - 23.02.2023

Sport - 22.02.2023
Women's hockey is here and now
Women’s hockey is here and now
The CEPSUM is getting ready to welcome the best women's university hockey players in Canada, including UdeM's Carabin - an ideal opportunity to discover a rapidly evolving sport.

Environment - Campus - 22.02.2023
Exploring decarbonization pathways in developing nations
Waterloo graduate student aspires to help cities experiencing chronic energy poverty transition to sustainable modern systems By Chantal Vallis Faculty of Environment There is still one billion peopl

Social Sciences - Campus - 22.02.2023

Innovation - 21.02.2023
UBC scholar helping AI overcome its language barrier
UBC scholar helping AI overcome its language barrier
People around the world have been impressed with ChatGPT , a new chatbot developed by OpenAI that uses natural language processing (NLP) to seemingly answer any question.

Environment - Life Sciences - 21.02.2023
So-called 'safe' pesticides have surprising ill effects
So-called ’safe’ pesticides have surprising ill effects
Science, Health & Technology Erik Rolfsen Health Canada is currently reviewing regulations for pesticides in Canada, and three UBC researchers say regulators might want to consider what happened in Japan. A lake in Shimane Prefecture has seen its commercial fishery collapse by more than 90 per cent since 1993, when insecticides known as neonicotinoids were first introduced to the area.

Innovation - Environment - 21.02.2023
Striving for better
Dr. Mary Wells, dean of Waterloo Engineering, looks to the future of academic excellence By Mary Wells Faculty of Engineering When local community leaders founded the University of Waterloo in 1957, they introduced an unconventional approach to education that merged academic and research excellence work with work-integrated learning.

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Innovation - Philosophy - 20.02.2023

Innovation - Health - 17.02.2023

Social Sciences - Health - 17.02.2023

Psychology - Architecture - 17.02.2023
Condos: status symbol or worrying sign of gentrification?
Condos: status symbol or worrying sign of gentrification?
Some people have a negative emotional response to the proliferation of condos in the Montreal region - and an UdeM doctoral candidate says we should listen to them.

Social Sciences - 17.02.2023
Person-centred and trauma-informed career advising
Meet Eden Mekonen, a career advisor at CCA who is helping Black students achieve their goals By Tracelyn Cornelius University Relations Eden Mekonen is a career advisor at the University of Waterloo'

Economics - 17.02.2023
Two out of three corporate frauds go undetected
For the University of Toronto's  Alexander Dyck , corporate fraud is like an iceberg: a small number is visible, but much more lurks below the surface.

Environment - Social Sciences - 16.02.2023

Health - Life Sciences - 16.02.2023
Bird flu spillover to mammals a cause for concern
Increasing zoonotic diseases caused by human encroachment on wildlife habitat By Jon Parsons University Relations The WHO recently warning that bird flu spillover to mammals needs to be monitored closely and that countries need to be prepared for a potential outbreak affecting humans.

Architecture - 16.02.2023
Earthquakes in Turkey: a predictable and deplorable tragedy
Fatma Özdogan, an architect and UdeM doctoral candidate, hopes that her research into post-disaster reconstruction will help prevent tragedies like the one that occurred in Turkey, her home country.

Art and Design - Physics - 16.02.2023
Sleuthing SFU scientists sniff out fake art
Deep within Simon Fraser University's chemistry department, science and art intersect to unravel the dark, but lucrative, underbelly of forgery.

Earth Sciences - 15.02.2023

Health - History / Archeology - 14.02.2023