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Physics - Life Sciences - 05.07.2023
Moving biomedical research forward with IRONSperm
Sperm-templated soft magnetic microrobots offer promise for treating cancer, infertility and more By Janet Armstrong Faculty of Engineering How would the treatment experience and outcomes change for cancer patients if we could actively deliver chemotherapy drugs directly to their tumours?

Health - 04.07.2023
New Schlegel Research Chair in Dementia and Active Living
Kinesiology Professor Laura Middleton appointed as new research chair Staff Laura Middleton , associate professor in the Department of Kinesiology and Health Sciences at the University of Waterloo, ha

Innovation - 04.07.2023
Discussing ethical tech is a journey we should all be taking
Waterloo hosts a masterclass at Collision on new approaches to responsible technology development  By Stephanie Longeway University Relations Building ethical technology is "not a destination, it's a journey," said Jennifer Boger , professor in the Faculty of Engineering and chief science officer at ESG.AI.

Campus - 04.07.2023

Environment - Social Sciences - 04.07.2023

Astronomy / Space Science - 01.07.2023
Canadian scientists celebrate launch of Euclid satellite
Mission will explore the evolution of the dark Universe Today, the European Space Agency launched its Euclid satellite from Cape Canaveral, Florida.

Social Sciences - Campus - 30.06.2023
Prioritizing well-being
We encourage all members of the UWaterloo community to make use of the various resources and supports University of Waterloo Our community was shaken by a disturbing hate-motivated attack related to gender expression and gender identity.

Social Sciences - 30.06.2023
Hate has no place here
A message from the Office of the President By Vivek Goel President and Vice Chancellor A transcript of President Goel's remarks from the June 29, 2023 Community Gathering that took place in the Arts Quad is below.

Social Sciences - Campus - 29.06.2023

Environment - Economics - 28.06.2023
U.S. public pensions could be $21 billion richer right now
New report says benefits of divesting from fossil fuels are environmental and financial  New research shows that U.S. public pension funds would be $21 billion richer had they divested from fossil fuels a decade ago.

Environment - Research Management - 27.06.2023

Pedagogy - Life Sciences - 27.06.2023

Research Management - Environment - 27.06.2023

Innovation - Economics - 27.06.2023
How to disrupt industries using generative AI
Waterloo AI experts lead a masterclass at Collision on how business leaders can unlock the transformative potential of LLMs By Stephanie Longeway University Relations "Unless you've been living under

Research Management - 27.06.2023

Astronomy / Space Science - History / Archeology - 26.06.2023

Health - Psychology - 26.06.2023
Adjusting to life in Canada
Lena Kozyr leaves Ukraine, and begins research at UWaterloo through Scholars at Risk program By Jenna Braun For the Faculty of Health At the beginning of last summer, master's student Lena Kozyr fled

Computer Science - Campus - 23.06.2023
Autonomous racing team achieves personal best in Italian race
After four races on oval tracks, driverless race car faces first road test By Melodie Roschman Faculty of Mathematics Last weekend, University of Waterloo students on a multi-school autonomous racing

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Social Sciences - Campus - 22.06.2023

Social Sciences - Campus - 21.06.2023

Social Sciences - Campus - 21.06.2023

Social Sciences - 21.06.2023

Environment - 20.06.2023

Social Sciences - Campus - 20.06.2023

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Campus - Event - 18.06.2023

Physics - Innovation - 16.06.2023
More than $1.3 million awarded to Waterloo researchers
Four Waterloo professors receive federal funding to support small modular reactors research By Angelica Marie Sanchez University Relations The Government of Canada has awarded more than $1.3 m

Innovation - Economics - 16.06.2023

Environment - Social Sciences - 15.06.2023

Environment - 14.06.2023
Urban green spaces that beat the heat: Tips from a UBC expert
Urban green spaces that beat the heat: Tips from a UBC expert
With climate change accelerating, our cities and spaces are expected to get hotter, experiencing intense heat waves as well as drought and water shortages in many regions.

Environment - Earth Sciences - 14.06.2023

Social Sciences - Campus - 14.06.2023

Innovation - Computer Science - 14.06.2023
Pushing the speed limit: What will the future of the Internet look like?
More people rely on the Internet to work, play, shop, and connect with others, growing the demand for global data traffic by 40% every year.

Health - 13.06.2023
World-first program aims to transform mental health therapy for men
World-first program aims to transform mental health therapy for men
Every day in Canada, approximately nine men die by suicide. Men make up 75 per cent of all suicide deaths in the country.