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Campus - Economics / Business - 05.12.2022

Environment - Economics / Business - 02.12.2022

Environment - Economics / Business - 02.12.2022
Researchers explore strategies to 'bury' CO2 in concrete buildings
Researchers explore strategies to ’bury’ CO2 in concrete buildings
One of the most powerful tools for mitigating the impact of climate change could be a material that is so common we tend not to think about it very much - concrete.

Economics / Business - 29.11.2022
Artificial intelligence needs good data to grow the future
Academics and entrepreneurs invited by Canada's top data steward to partner with government for future growth By Bill Bean University Relations Data is the currency of tomorrow, with boundless opport

Innovation - Economics / Business - 24.11.2022

Economics / Business - Career - 17.11.2022

Economics / Business - Social Sciences - 11.11.2022

Environment - Economics / Business - 09.11.2022

Health - Economics / Business - 02.11.2022

Economics / Business - Social Sciences - 18.10.2022

Economics / Business - Campus - 18.10.2022

Computer Science - Economics / Business - 07.10.2022

Economics / Business - Environment - 05.10.2022
Canada’s financial and accounting systems fail to recognize the financial value of nature
As Canada prepares to unveil its National Adaptation Strategy at COP27 and to host the COP15 biodiversity conference in Montreal, nature is still assigned a value of zero in our financial and accounting systems.

Career - Economics / Business - 04.10.2022

Innovation - Economics / Business - 03.10.2022

Innovation - Economics / Business - 16.09.2022

Economics / Business - 16.09.2022

Economics / Business - 06.09.2022
Alumni Know: How do we know public policies worked?
Data is easier to collect than ever before. Andres Arcila (PhD '20) explains why data is changing public policy and how you can find truth in the numbers. By Megan Vander Woude Office of Advancement As tax-payers, we have a right to know what policies our dollars support - and how effective they are.

Economics / Business - Environment - 01.09.2022
Putting the food system in context
It's one thing to innovate and find better ways to get healthy, eco-friendly and sustainable foods to consumers - and quite another to understand what leads there, an UdeM study finds. Innovations that make the food supply chain more "responsible" - eco-friendly, good for public health, fairer to farmers - will come faster if the contexts that set the stage for them are better understood, according to a new Université de Montréal study.

Economics / Business - Astronomy / Space Science - 09.08.2022

Economics / Business - 04.08.2022
Q and A with the experts: Canada’s rising inflation
Inflation in Canada is at the highest rate we've seen in decades. Jean-Paul Lam, a professor in the University of Waterloo's Department of Economics and former assistant chief economist and principal researcher at the Bank of Canada, says recent events created a perfect storm for inflation.

Economics / Business - Environment - 21.07.2022
Just 10 financial actors hold the key to climate change
A new report has identified the 10 financial actors with the most influence on the fossil fuel economy and outlines the decisive role they can play in helping de-carbonize our future. The study found that the top 10 most influential actors, including investment advisors, governments, and sovereign wealth funds from around the world, own 49.5 per cent of potential emissions from the world's largest energy firms.

Economics / Business - Innovation - 21.07.2022

Economics / Business - Innovation - 19.07.2022

Economics / Business - 15.07.2022

Economics / Business - 14.07.2022
Accelerating an idea into a social commerce platform
Waterloo student startup Sway joins the Velocity Incubator By Angelica Marie Sanchez University Relations The University of Waterloo offers many on-campus resources for students to work on their star
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