Government of Canada invests $18.4 million in quantum research at Waterloo

Institute of Quantum Computing building
Institute of Quantum Computing building
IQC Canada Inc., a not-for-profit organization partnered with the Institute for Quantum Computing, receives funding from the Strategic Science Fund

The Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC) at the University of Waterloo is pleased to congratulate  IQC Canada Inc. for receiving $18.4 million in funding over the next five years, from Innovation, Science and Economic Development (ISED) Canada’s   Strategic Science Fund (SSF) . 

As a not-for-profit, IQC Canada Inc. provides strategic commercial and market support to push quantum research beyond the boundaries of academic institutions. Together with the Institute, IQC Canada Inc. mobilizes their expertise and resources to strengthen Canada’s quantum development, maintaining quantum excellence and national leadership. 

IQC Canada Inc. will partner with IQC to continue the critical work to boost research and innovation and ensure Canada remains a leader in research and new technologies in the field of quantum information. Together, IQC Canada Inc. and IQC have set priorities and goals including the pursuit of ambitious quantum research, building talent, inspiring with knowledge mobilization and outreach, supporting commercialization and branding Canada as a world-class destination for quantum research. 

These priorities align with the goals of the SSF and Canada’s National Quantum Strategy, adding value to Canada’s significant strengths in quantum research, solidifying our global leadership in this field.  

"With this support, IQC Canada Inc. can focus on accelerating quantum research and technology development in Canada’s quantum ecosystem for the benefit of all Canadians," says Suzanne Corbeil, board chair, IQC Canada Inc. "Support from the SSF will ensure Canada remains a globally relevant quantum powerhouse and that quantum-ready talent can grow and thrive here at home." 

The support from the SSF funding will ultimately enhance Canada’s leadership position as a quantum powerhouse, a world-class destination for quantum research, a fact-based voice in scientific outreach and knowledge mobilization, and a global hub for the commercialization of quantum technologies. 

"Science and research are the cornerstones of Canada’s economic well-being and progress. Canada’s researchers work to expand our understanding of the world, and they generate new ideas to solve some of the biggest challenges of our time," says the Honourable François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry. "With this investment through the Strategic Science Fund, our government is continuing its support for world-class, cutting-edge research and for those who work to inspire and train the next generation." 

IQC Canada Inc. is one of 24 organizations across Canada receiving support through the SSF grant , which focuses on contributions across a range of areas including supporting emerging technologies in quantum computing, healthcare and Arctic research, in promoting STEM education, and addressing issues of climate change.