New Velocity publication celebrates rich tech landscape at Waterloo

Group of students winning
Group of students winning
Velocity, the University of Waterloo’s largest entrepreneurship program, has released its first edition of Momentum. The publication showcases strong engagement from entrepreneurially minded students and the achievements of those students and other startup founders.

Interest in working with Velocity continues to be strong. There are 157 student teams actively building early-stage startups, showing that entrepreneurship is alive and well at Waterloo. The publication details stories of founders and their startups that are shaping the future. Momentum is a celebration of the entrepreneurial spirit that Velocity continuously cultivates.

Across campus and downtown Kitchener, Velocity has become a critical component of Waterloo’s entrepreneurial landscape - fostering an environment where founders help each other be successful and have access to resources and networks to transform ideas into scalable companies and products.

Velocity’s startups provide solutions across industry sectors. Founders are making software and hardware products, ranging from quantum technology to novel health diagnostics and financial technology products.

Berry Vrbanovic, mayor of the City of Kitchener emphasizes the relationship between the city and Velocity. "I am proud to see the positive impact that Velocity continues to have on our city. "[Velocity] continues to drive innovation by connecting emerging talent and next-generation entrepreneurs with the tools and resources needed to accelerate new ideas and technologies to the marketplace, driving our local, regional and national economies," he says.

The upcoming launch of the Innovation Arena further strengthens this partnership, aiming to streamline the commercialization process and bolster the regional and global economy.

"Momentum is a glimpse into what Velocity is working on to promote the ambitions and accomplishments of the students and founders we work with," says Adrien Côté, executive director of Velocity.

Côté shares his vision for an incubator that continually adapts its strategies to support founders from diverse businesses. "Our world needs more people to be highly effective entrepreneurs, to challenge the status quo by taking ownership of their ideas and making them tangible by selling highly desirable services and products that improve the way we manufacture, care for each other and our planet, have fun, acquire knowledge, increase the value of assets and more."

Momentum goes beyond individual success stories. It delves into how Velocity fosters startup development by providing founders with a comprehensive framework that encompasses mentorship, access to resources and tailored support to help them through critical stages of development, refining their business and leadership strategies and navigating challenges. The complex work of founders is made simpler by engaging people who have done it before or are on the same journey.

By sharing stories of success, the publication showcases Velocity’s commitment to guiding founders from ideation to launch.
Jordan Flemming