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Social Sciences - Religions - 19.05.2023
Children from mixed backgrounds with one Muslim parent have plural identities
Quebec-born children with one Muslim immigrant parent forge identities that mix that parent's cultural references and Quebec culture.

Religions - Social Sciences - 14.04.2023
Losing faith in evangelicalism: sexual ’purity’ and lack of conversion key issues
Benjamin Gagné studied young Quebec adults to understand what led them to turn away from the religion of their convert parents. The impossible imperative of conversion and the unsustainable ideal of sexual purity and marriage are two of the main reasons why young Quebec adults born to parents who had converted to evangelicalism are deserting the religion and leaving the community.

Religions - 23.02.2023
Religious plurality in Quebec is a fact
In a new book based on a major in-person survey, a misconception is debunked: there's actually a wide diversity of religious beliefs in what's supposed to be "secular" Quebec.

Religions - Social Sciences - 30.11.2022
Revisiting the colonial narrative around Kateri Tekakwitha
Revisiting the colonial narrative around Kateri Tekakwitha
Drawing on insights from intercultural and decolonial theology, Jean-François Roussel deconstructs the story of the Mohawk saint.

Religions - Social Sciences - 14.11.2022
How Islam and Buddhism can help prisoners
Inmates in the Quebec prison system are turning to two of the world's major religions to CONTENU - As religious diversity grows in Quebec, the province's prisons are having to adapt to inmates' diverse religious needs.

Religions - Social Sciences - 18.07.2022
Dissecting the Pope’s upcoming visit to Canada
UdeM professor Jean-François Roussel discusses the Pope's visit within the broader context of reconciliation with Canada's Indigenous peoples.

Religions - Health - 20.06.2022
Post-COVID, what’s the role of religion?
International researchers in four countries of the "Global North," including Canada, are looking into how majority and majority faiths are dealing with life after the pandemic. An international research project led by Queen's University Belfast, in Northern Ireland, and involving Université de Montréal will study and compare the changing role of majority and minority religions in 'global north' contexts: Canada, Germany, Ireland/Northern Ireland (UK), and Poland, as these societies emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic.