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Innovation - Sport - 04.02.2022

Sport - Social Sciences - 03.02.2022
Expert insight: Beijing, boycotts and the battle for human rights
International Olympic Committee headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland (Photo source: IOC/Greg Martin) With the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games about to begin, there are many debates occurring in th

Sport - Health - 03.02.2022

Event - Sport - 03.02.2022

Sport - Politics - 26.01.2022
Expert insights: The International Olympic Committee’s track record on human rights
The International Olympic Committee's (IOC) position on refugees is contradictory and confusing. The organization has its own Refugee Team competing at the 2022 Beijing Olympics.

Sport - Environment - 18.01.2022
Climate change threatens future Winter Olympics
Returning to in-person experiences in February: for more information.

Sport - 17.01.2022
Beijing 2022: presenting our Winter Olympics experts
From Feb. 4 to 20, the 24th Winter Games in China will raise a number of issues in the media for our experts to discuss, from sports performance to security to political developments.

Life Sciences - Sport - 04.01.2022
Expert insights: How exercise can curb your junk food craving
Every January, millions of individuals make New Year's resolutions to lose weight or eat healthier, if not both.

Sport - Health - 02.12.2021
’I left Waterloo with the keys to my life’
Murray Shaw (BSc '66, PhD '71) was a passionate student-athlete and biochemistry student. Decades later, he leaned on those interests in his battle with cancer.

Sport - Innovation - 08.11.2021
Innovation at the intersection of research and athletics
Computer science PhD candidate and pro squash player Cameron Seth sparks entrepreneurship with SethSquash platform As a graduate student in the Cheriton School of Computer Science, Cameron Seth studies graph theory algorithms and complexity theory.

Sport - Economics / Business - 05.11.2021

Social Sciences - Sport - 26.10.2021
Gaps when it comes to recognizing racism in Ontario university sports
Gaps when it comes to recognizing racism in Ontario university sports
An anti-racism project led by a University of Toronto researcher in collaboration with Ontario University Athletics found many "completely unaware of the depths of the problem.

Sport - Psychology - 06.10.2021
Elite female athletes subjected to degrading comments, body shaming: University of Toronto study
Female athletes in aesthetic sports are the target of degrading comments and other forms of body shaming that are equal to emotional abuse and can cause long-lasting harm.