UBC experts on 2022 Winter Olympics

Photo: Kyle Dias / Unsplash
Photo: Kyle Dias / Unsplash
  • South Korea, North Korea and the Olympics

Dr. Erica Bennett
Assistant Professor, School of Kinesiology
Email: erica.bennett@ubc.ca

  • Psychology of sport, sport and exercise culture
  • How athletes coped with COVID-19 and uncertainty around the Games

Dr. Lori Brotto
Professor, Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Tel: 604’605 -6032
Email: lbrotto@mail.ubc.ca

  • Sexual health

Dr. Andrea Bundon
Assistant Professor, School of Kinesiology
Email: andrea.bundon@ubc.ca

  • Disability, sport, sport events, Paralympics
  • How athletes adapted to COVID-19 and uncertainty around the Games

Dr. Kathleen A. Martin Ginis
Professor, School of Health and Exercise Sciences
Email: kathleen_martin.ginis@ubc.ca

  • Body image (Olympics and Paralympics)
  • Impact of the Games on viewers’ motivation for physical activity

Dr. Robert McCormack
Professor, Faculty of Medicine
Tel: 604’526 -7885
Email: drbobmccormack@me.com

  • Sports medicine
  • Former Chief Medical Officer of the Canadian Olympic Team

Dr. Tsur Somerville
Associate Professor, Sauder School of Business
Cell: 604’329 -4585
Email: tsur.somerville@sauder.ubc.ca

  • Economic impact of Olympics

Dr. Jack Taunton
Professor Emeritus, Division of Sports Medicine
Cell: 604’454 -7694
Email: jack.taunton@ubc.ca

  • Sports medicine and athlete health
  • Past Chief Medical Officer, 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games

Dr. Robert VanWynsberghe
Associate Professor, Department of Educational Studies
Tel: 604’822 -3580
Email: Robert.VanWynsberghe@ubc.ca

  • Sustainability education and sport mega-events