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Economics / Business - Campus - 07.02.2023

Pharmacology - Health - 07.02.2023
AI can predict the effectiveness of breast cancer chemotherapy
Waterloo researchers develop AI technology to predict if women with breast cancer would benefit from chemotherapy prior to surgery Engineers at the University of Waterloo have developed artificial in

Environment - Law - 07.02.2023
A new wave in recognizing the Ocean’s vital role
Acknowledging the Ocean as a living being is increasingly important for planetary well-being and global sustainability By Chantal Vallis Faculty of Environment The Ocean* is the largest of Earth's systems that stabilizes climate and supports life and human wellbeing.

Campus - 03.02.2023

Social Sciences - Economics / Business - 02.02.2023

Environment - 01.02.2023
Wetlands under threat
Waterloo professor, Rebecca Rooney, discusses the value of wetlands and the risk they face in Ontario By Angelica Marie Sanchez University Relations Thursday, February 2 marks World Wetlands Day, an

History / Archeology - Social Sciences - 31.01.2023

Art and Design - Campus - 31.01.2023

Pharmacology - Health - 30.01.2023
Compounding pharmacies experience higher demand during medication shortages
Waterloo School of Pharmacy co-op student invaluable to industry By Milana Madzarac School of Pharmacy When Joseph Abdelnour (PharmD '24, in progress) accepted his recent co-op work term at Avalon Compound Pharmacy (ACP), he never anticipated the new challenges he would face.

Economics / Business - 27.01.2023

Social Sciences - Health - 27.01.2023
Statement from Dr. Christopher Taylor on recent racial violence
"It's our responsibility to pay attention to big news stories and to the small news stories." University Relations Dear Waterloo community,  I, like many of you, have been watching the news about recent incidents of violence in the United States motivated by hate.

Physics - Computer Science - 26.01.2023
University of Waterloo receives Quantum Horizon funding award
The awarded proposal seeks to understand and mitigate the loss of quantum information The Quantum Horizons: Quantum Information Science (QIS) Research and Innovation for Nuclear Science award from th

Politics - 24.01.2023
Q and A with the experts: NATO’s expanding support to Ukraine
What risks do NATO members take in increasing military assistance to Ukraine? While continuing to avoid direct engagement in Russia's war on Ukraine, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) allies have dramatically expanded their military assistance.

Innovation - Campus - 24.01.2023

Innovation - Campus - 24.01.2023

Health - Psychology - 23.01.2023

Pharmacology - Health - 23.01.2023
Building a stronger health-care system
Waterloo School of Pharmacy Nardine Nakhla launches new digital health tool By Milana Madzarac School of Pharmacy As of January 1, 2023, the pharmacists' scope of practice has expanded across Ontario

Health - Computer Science - 23.01.2023

Innovation - Economics / Business - 20.01.2023

Social Sciences - 20.01.2023

Psychology - Life Sciences - 19.01.2023
Reading the room
AI project to help autistic people interpret emotions better By Charlotte Danby Faculty of Engineering For most of us, social interactions are taxing, tedious or time well spent.

Environment - Event - 16.01.2023

Economics / Business - Campus - 13.01.2023

Pharmacology - Health - 11.01.2023

Innovation - Environment - 09.01.2023
Nobel laureate launches the Trust in Science and Technology Research Network at Waterloo
Nobel Laureate Donna Strickland is set to co-lead a new interdisciplinary network By Stephanie Longeway University Relations The spread of disinformation and misinformation - often fuelled by skepticism - is on the rise. Combating this trend and understanding why some people deny, doubt or resist scientific findings and explanations is crucial to addressing the complex and existential issues impacting our societies.

Health - 09.01.2023

Innovation - Health - 09.01.2023

Computer Science - Innovation - 09.01.2023
Preparing businesses for the quantum era
Quantum cryptography offers data protection in our evolving digital spaces By Kaitlin O'Brien Institute for Quantum Computing Cyberattacks and data breaches are an invisible but growing threat that is becoming more commonplace against the landscape of technological growth and development.

Economics / Business - Innovation - 09.01.2023

Social Sciences - Campus - 09.01.2023

Economics / Business - Health - 09.01.2023
Women in the digital workforce
The post-pandemic economic recovery will depend on equality for women By Rose Simone University Relations The work world has been permanently transformed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Environment - Social Sciences - 09.01.2023
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