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Innovation - Social Sciences - 09.05.2024
Ivey prof develops strategy to bridge the digital divide
Ivey prof develops strategy to bridge the digital divide
New research shows need for 'design mindset' to include marginalized communities in the digital economy Whether it's a financial tracking app, a watch that monitors your health, or earphones that translate languages instantly, technology has revolutionized the human experience. Yet not everyone has equal access to these advantages.

Health - Innovation - 24.04.2024
Making the cut: PARS accelerates cancer diagnosis
Making the cut: PARS accelerates cancer diagnosis
University of Waterloo researchers have invented a digital medical imaging system that significantly improves the cancer detection process to deliver immediate results and enable swift, effective treatment for all types of cancer. The Photon Absorption Remote Sensing (PARS) system, an innovative, built-from-scratch technology, is faster than traditional cancer-detection methods and aims to deliver a diagnosis in minutes - enabling prompt surgical intervention.

Health - Innovation - 04.04.2024
Minifoies" to save children suffering from liver failure
A team of researchers has developed "mini-pathways" to save children suffering from acute liver failure by avoiding liver transplantation. Massimiliano Paganelli , pediatric hepatologist and Director of the Tissue Engineering and Hepatic Cell Therapy Laboratory at CHU Sainte-Justine, is well acquainted with the reality of young people and adults suffering from liver failure, as he regularly sees them in clinic.

Environment - Innovation - 25.03.2024
Nudging toward sustainability: Researching the power of an individual's behavior
Nudging toward sustainability: Researching the power of an individual’s behavior
Environment Please turn off the lights when exiting the room, society thanks you Living in society means we are under the influence of others. This power can impact our behaviors and actions, which can result in both positive and negative results. For Mohamed Yousuf, the power of influence formed an integral part of his graduate studies research.

Environment - Innovation - 11.03.2024
Snow study takes flight
Snow study takes flight
Global Futures Research into remote snowpacks unveils insights into climate change, water resource management and the future of our planet A research team led by Dr. Richard Kelly, a professor in Geography and Environmental Management at Waterloo, uses a novel radar-based technology to provide more insight into snowpacks and their implications for climate change, water resource management and hazard prediction.

Life Sciences - Innovation - 28.02.2024
A model for the evolution of intelligence
McGill study finds ability to solve food puzzles is the only predictor of innovation, brain size in wild birds When certain species of wild birds and primates discover new ways of finding food in the wild, it can serve to measure their flexibility and intelligence.

Chemistry - Innovation - 15.02.2024
Building green tech one metallic layer at a time
Building green tech one metallic layer at a time
Researchers partner with industry to advance innovation in decarbonization By Faculty of Engineering Faculty of Engineering In the quest to reach zero emissions by 2050, Waterloo engineering researcher Dr. Xianguo Li and Dr. Samaneh Shahgaldi from Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (UQTR) are working with industry partners to develop more efficient, durable, cost-effective fuel cells.

Health - Innovation - 06.02.2024
Fitness tracker for the brain
Local company aims to improve people's cognitive wellness with smart glasses By Charlotte Danby Faculty of Engineering Waterloo-based deep tech startup AdHawk Microsystems recently launched MindLink Air (TM), everyday glasses that can read its wearer's eye health and cognitive state using research-grade, camera-free eye-tracking technology.

Health - Innovation - 29.01.2024
Better diagnosing diseases with the help of AI
Researchers improve the trustworthiness of medical imaging diagnoses with innovative three-stage system powered by AI An interdisciplinary team of researchers at the University of Waterloo has developed a more trustworthy method to diagnose diseases such as COVID-19, pneumonia, and melanoma using artificial intelligence (AI) tools.

Innovation - Microtechnics - 16.01.2024
'Smart glove' can boost hand mobility of stroke patients
’Smart glove’ can boost hand mobility of stroke patients
Science, Health & Technology Lou Corpuz-Bosshart New washable wireless smart textile technology developed at UBC in collaboration with Vancouver startup also has potential uses in virtual reality and American Sign Language translation This month, a group of stroke survivors in B.C. will test a new technology designed to aid their recovery, and ultimately restore use of their limbs and hands.

Transport - Innovation - 15.01.2024
Using idle trucks to power the grid with clean energy
Waterloo researchers investigate how fuel cell powered vehicles can reenergize overworked electricity grids University of Waterloo researchers are tapping into idled electric vehicles to act as mobile generators and help power overworked and aging electricity grids. After analyzing energy demand on Alberta's power grid during rush hour, the research proposes an innovative way to replenish electrical grids with power generated from fuel cells in trucks.

Astronomy / Space - Innovation - 15.12.2023
A tale of two papers
We put ChatGPT 4 to the test, asking it to read two scholarly studies produced at the university and summarize them in a pair of newsy articles for UdeM Nouvelles. The results were.. mixed. Credit: Miriam Beauchamp (Marc Antoine Charlebois) and Laurence Perreault-Levasseur (Mila Quebec) How good is ChatGPT at reading and synthesizing science, specifically the highly detailed science published as peer-reviewed studies in scholarly journals? To find out, we put the chatbot to the test, twice.

Environment - Innovation - 05.12.2023
Using AI to find microplastics
Using AI to find microplastics
Researchers use AI to identify toxic substances in wastewater with greater accuracy and speed An interdisciplinary research team from the University of Waterloo is using artificial intelligence (AI) to identify microplastics faster and more accurately than ever before. Microplastics are commonly found in food and are dangerous pollutants that cause severe environmental damage - finding them is the key to getting rid of them.

Innovation - Health - 04.12.2023
ChatGPT and rehab: a mystery that requires further investigation
Now that ChatGPT can "see" and "hear," could it be useful for people with mobility, sensory or cognitive disabilities? Whether it's a question of analyzing medical images, detecting drug interactions, or creating brain-computer interfaces, it seems like the potential applications of artificial intelligence (AI) in the healthcare industry are endless.

Health - Innovation - 29.11.2023
New method can detect early-stage breast cancer in two minutes
New method can detect early-stage breast cancer in two minutes
University of Waterloo researchers are pioneering a method to detect breast cancer in women early enough for them to receive life-saving treatment. The innovative technology will be cheaper and safer than common cancer diagnostic tools. The innovative technology aims to be more accurate as well as cheaper to provide than today's most common diagnostic tools such as X-ray mammography, ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

Health - Innovation - 29.11.2023
Made-to-order diagnostic tests may be on the horizon
McGill researchers have made a breakthrough in diagnostic technology, inventing a 'lab on a chip' that can be 3D-printed in just 30 minutes. The chip has the potential to make on-the-spot testing widely accessible. As part of a recent study, the results of which were published in the journal  Advanced Materials, the McGill team developed capillaric chips that act as miniature laboratories.

Health - Innovation - 20.11.2023
Harnessing AI to help pinpoint cancerous tumours
University of Waterloo engineers use AI to advance cancer treatment monitoring  Engineers from the University of Waterloo are harnessing artificial intelligence to help doctors better see and control a non-invasive cancer treatment and, in the process, save lives. Their imaging system will allow for the safer and more effective use of high-intensity, focused ultrasound to destroy a wide range of cancerous, often deadly, tumours.

Innovation - Politics - 16.10.2023
Tackling fake news
Waterloo Engineering researchers are developing new technologies to combat disinformation - a robust solution to fake news By John Roe Faculty of Engineering Cutting-edge technologies gave the world fake news, but researchers from the University of Waterloo's Faculty of Engineering are developing even newer technology to stop it.

Innovation - Health - 14.09.2023
New tool reveals inequitable distribution of 'healing' green spaces in Vancouver
New tool reveals inequitable distribution of ’healing’ green spaces in Vancouver
Areas in Vancouver with the greatest need for restorative nature often have the least exposure to it, according to a new UBC study published recently in Ambio. These neighbourhoods include Strathcona, downtown Vancouver, the West End, southern Sunset and Marpole. The researchers developed a new tool, the local restorative nature (LRN) index to assess spaces for the presence of qualities that promote mental well-being.

Environment - Innovation - 13.09.2023
Western researchers to probe greenhouse gases at city landfill
Western researchers to probe greenhouse gases at city landfill
The Western Institute for Earth and Space Exploration is leading a new project to measure methane released by London's dump, with a multi-disciplinary team of researchers helping to track the potent greenhouse gas. The team will use drones, satellites, as well as stationary and hand-held devices to determine exactly how much methane is produced at the city landfill on Manning Drive - officially named W12A - and whether any of it is escaping the collection system currently in place.
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