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Innovation - Economics - 14.09.2023
Create your own virtual world - no coding expertise necessary
Mtion's new product opens novel ways for creativity and connection via live-streaming   There is a massive world online forging human connection through virtualized forms of reality.

Environment - Economics - 11.09.2023

Innovation - Economics - 07.09.2023
Game-changing new tech to make AR/VR, cellphone and laptop displays better
New technology can extend the battery life of electronics by 30 per cent, increase display brightness Two researchers at the University of Waterloo have combined their innovations to create a suite of

Economics - 07.09.2023
Many people have biased perceptions of EDI leaders: study
Many people have biased perceptions of EDI leaders: study
For the past decade, companies across North America have paid more attention to supporting equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI). This has prompted many organizations to create a leadership role fully dedicated to advancing EDI - so much so that between 2015 and 2020, the job title "head of diversity" increased 107 percent on LinkedIn.

Economics - Mathematics - 28.08.2023

Microtechnics - Economics - 25.08.2023

Economics - Innovation - 23.08.2023
Protecting Canada’s energy infrastructure and supply chain from cyber attacks
Research team will develop an enhanced cybersecurity system An engineering professor from the University of Waterloo was awarded $1.2 million in federal funding to protect Canada's critical energy infrastructure and energy sector supply chains from cyber threats.

Economics - Computer Science - 23.08.2023

Economics - Innovation - 17.08.2023

Economics - Environment - 10.08.2023
Move over robots - there’s a new cleaning method for solar panels
Velocity company optimizes solar energy efficiency using nanotechnology With their abundance of sunlight, deserts are valuable locations to harness solar energy.

Environment - Economics - 03.08.2023

Environment - Economics - 26.07.2023
Bringing physical climate risk into institutional investing
New report identifiesies the top climate and extreme weather risks that affect a company's performance Incorporating physical climate risk into portfolio management - think flooding, wildfire or hurr

Innovation - Economics - 10.07.2023

Environment - Economics - 28.06.2023
U.S. public pensions could be $21 billion richer right now
New report says benefits of divesting from fossil fuels are environmental and financial  New research shows that U.S. public pension funds would be $21 billion richer had they divested from fossil fuels a decade ago.

Innovation - Economics - 27.06.2023
How to disrupt industries using generative AI
Waterloo AI experts lead a masterclass at Collision on how business leaders can unlock the transformative potential of LLMs By Stephanie Longeway University Relations "Unless you've been living under

Innovation - Economics - 23.06.2023

Innovation - Economics - 16.06.2023

Economics - Environment - 12.06.2023
Canada’s carbon pricing poses a $256 billion financial risk for borrowers and banks
Financial lenders must consider carbon emissions as part of their credit risk assessment By putting a price on the cost of carbon, the Government of Canada aims to curtail greenhouse gas (GHG) emissio

Economics - 07.06.2023

Economics - Campus - 02.06.2023

Health - Economics - 18.05.2023
SFU grad develops wearable harm reduction device
SFU grad develops wearable harm reduction device
A medical device developed by a Simon Fraser University alumnus to provide real-time overdose monitoring and detection is now one step closer to providing harm reduction solutions-for impacted individuals and service providers addressing the issue-after acquisition by a digital health company.

Economics - 18.05.2023
When consumers buy embarrassing products, they don't want friendly service
When consumers buy embarrassing products, they don’t want friendly service
Business, Law & Society Sachintha Wickramasinghe A UBC Sauder School of Business study shows that when people buy blush-inducing items, they choose self-checkout-or failing that, the most robotic human available.

Economics - Career - 09.05.2023

Career - Economics - 27.04.2023
University of Toronto hosts Palette Skills as they build a national ecosystem for upskilling
Building on a shared commitment to developing a workforce that meets the needs of a changing Canadian economy, the University of Toronto is the host institution for  Palette Skills , a national not-f

Social Sciences - Economics - 05.04.2023
Gay dads have an image problem
From Neil Patrick Harris on our screens to U.S. transportation secretary Pete Buttigieg on the global stage, the emerging image of gay dads in North America is of white, affluent men.

Economics - Environment - 23.03.2023
Solving global sustainability challenges, locally
Two deep tech companies, developed out of University of Waterloo research, launch beyond Velocity By Naomi Grosman Velocity The region's tech startup roots have deepened further now that two companies, Halion and H2nanO , have launched out of Velocity and into their own lab spaces.
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