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Economics - Environment - 23.03.2023
Solving global sustainability challenges, locally
Two deep tech companies, developed out of University of Waterloo research, launch beyond Velocity By Naomi Grosman Velocity The region's tech startup roots have deepened further now that two companies, Halion and H2nanO , have launched out of Velocity and into their own lab spaces.

Economics - 13.03.2023
Velocity company Vessl Prosthetics sees inclusion as key to product design
Company working with amputees to make 'a fulfilling life more comfortable' By Jon Parsons University Relations A Velocity health-technology startup is designing a new kind of self-adjusting socket for prosthetics.

Economics - 08.03.2023
’Unable to identify a path forward’
Self-driving trucking firm started by former engineering students now winding down operations By Brian Caldwell Faculty of Engineering Sixteen months after soaring into the public realm with a market

Economics - 07.03.2023

Economics - 17.02.2023
Two out of three corporate frauds go undetected
For the University of Toronto's  Alexander Dyck , corporate fraud is like an iceberg: a small number is visible, but much more lurks below the surface.

Economics - Innovation - 10.02.2023

Economics - Campus - 07.02.2023

Social Sciences - Economics - 02.02.2023

Innovation - Economics - 20.01.2023

Economics - 20.01.2023
UdeM says goodbye to single-use containers
UdeM says goodbye to single-use containers
UdeM's food purveyors are eliminating single-use food containers - paper as well plastic - starting Feb.

Economics - Campus - 13.01.2023

Environment - Economics - 09.01.2023
Boosting clean energy adoption
Aqua-Cell Energy is building better battery technology with saltwater By Rose Simone University Relations As someone born and raised in Calgary, Keith Cleland initially thought he would end up working in the oil industry.

Economics - Health - 09.01.2023
Women in the digital workforce
The post-pandemic economic recovery will depend on equality for women By Rose Simone University Relations The work world has been permanently transformed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Economics - Innovation - 09.01.2023

Economics - Career - 21.12.2022
Financial stress among North Americans highest since 2008: Western-led study 
Financial stress among North Americans highest since 2008: Western-led study 
Sixty per cent of employed North Americans are more stressed about their finances today than they were a year ago, and are experiencing the highest level of financial stress since the financial crisis of 2008, according to a new study from Canada's Financial Wellness Lab at Western.

Environment - Economics - 02.12.2022
Researchers explore strategies to 'bury' CO2 in concrete buildings
Researchers explore strategies to ’bury’ CO2 in concrete buildings
One of the most powerful tools for mitigating the impact of climate change could be a material that is so common we tend not to think about it very much - concrete.

Environment - Economics - 02.12.2022

Economics - 29.11.2022
Artificial intelligence needs good data to grow the future
Academics and entrepreneurs invited by Canada's top data steward to partner with government for future growth By Bill Bean University Relations Data is the currency of tomorrow, with boundless opport

Economics - Social Sciences - 11.11.2022

Economics - Social Sciences - 18.10.2022
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