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Innovation - Environment - 28.06.2022
Transitioning to a net-zero economy
Canada's Innovation Corridor Summit hosts a discussion on transformative actions to support decarbonization By Stephanie Longeway University Relations On June 29, the Canada's Innovation Corridor Sum

Economics / Business - Innovation - 27.06.2022

Innovation - Environment - 27.06.2022
Startup partners with University of Toronto students to 'IKEA-fy' its fog harvesting apparatus
Startup partners with University of Toronto students to ’IKEA-fy’ its fog harvesting apparatus
When University of Toronto alumna  Eva Liu  signed up for her fourth-year capstone course in the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering, she had never heard of fog harvesting.

Innovation - Health - 13.06.2022

Innovation - Campus - 10.06.2022

Campus - Innovation - 08.06.2022

Innovation - Campus - 01.06.2022
Improving the lives of older adults
Leading expert in human-computer interaction joins Waterloo Engineering as new Schlegel chair By Amanda Brown Faculty of Engineering Cosmin Munteanu, a leading multidisciplinary researcher in human-c

Innovation - Environment - 26.05.2022
UBC entrepreneurs join fight against plastic pollution
UBC entrepreneurs join fight against plastic pollution
May 26, 2022 Lou Corpuz-Bosshart New ideas include compostable bioplastics and innovative coating that extends product lifespan The end of plastic pollution-in the oceans, on land and in our air-coul

Innovation - Economics / Business - 26.05.2022
University of Waterloo hosts first hyperloop competition in Canada
May 26, 2022 Ten teams from around the world will compete in the Canadian Hyperloop competition this weekend By Krista Porter University of Waterloo What if I told you that university students were creating the transportation technology of the future?

Innovation - Pharmacology - 16.05.2022
A rapid and portable drug detection device using bio-nanotechnology
A rapid and portable drug detection device using bio-nanotechnology
UdeM chemistry professor Alexis Vallée-Bélisle and his team have received $500,000 to develop a rapid test for detecting drugs in saliva and blood.

Health - Innovation - 10.05.2022
Meet Concept’s aspiring team: Cauchy Analytics
May 10, 2022 Winner of Concept's $5K grant competition introduces a hands-free and non-invasive device to help doctors get real-time imaging of the heart in ICUs By Angelica Marie Sanchez University Relations Infections can be a serious health issue. Early detection and information is key to help doctors determine the medical treatment that best fits the patient.

Economics / Business - Innovation - 09.05.2022

Innovation - Computer Science - 06.05.2022
Acceleration Consortium cements partnership with global technology leader Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany
As it builds a global community to accelerate the discovery of materials for a healthier, more sustainable future, the  Acceleration Consortium at the University of Toronto recently welcomed a visit from one of its new industry partners : Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany.

Health - Innovation - 02.05.2022
Queen’s University and Lakeridge Health Establish Collaboration to Address Physician Shortage
Monday, May 2, 2022 Durham Region, ON - Queen's University and Lakeridge Health are excited to announce an innovative and first-of-its-kind-in-Canada education and training approach that will help to

Innovation - Health - 26.04.2022
Western team wins Governor General medal for kids’ hearing-aid tech
A Western team of audiology researchers has developed gold-standard ways to assess, treat and properly fit and tune hearing aids for infants, including to this baby wearing hearing aids.

Environment - Innovation - 14.04.2022
New Western Research chair working towards gender-equitable, low-carbon economy
Gender, sexuality and women's studies professor Bipasha Baruah has been named as the Strategic Focus Western Research Chair.

Innovation - Microtechnics - 14.04.2022

Innovation - Economics / Business - 14.04.2022

Microtechnics - Innovation - 08.04.2022
Innovative applications pave way for golden age of drones
Innovative applications pave way for golden age of drones
A team of Western researchers are leveraging the capabilities of autonomous aerial vehicles, most commonly drones, to deliver innovative, safe and secure methods of data collection for an extensive list of commercial and non-commercial operations. As drone technology rapidly develops and advances, the global level of interest and viability has soared exponentially.

Innovation - Event - 08.04.2022

Innovation - Campus - 07.04.2022
A win-win for both Waterloo students and Rogers
April 7, 2022 Partnership prepares students with real-world experience and fulfills need for new talent By Stephanie Longeway University Relations When Jonah Eisen signed up for the Sportsnet Hockey Hack in his final year of his master's program, he set his future career path in motion.

Campus - Innovation - 05.04.2022
Popularity of ’gamified’ apps raises new legal issues, student researchers warn
With a few pushes of a button or a swipe of your fingers, you can trade stocks, hail a ride, order a pizza or find a date.

Innovation - Economics / Business - 31.03.2022

Economics / Business - Innovation - 14.03.2022

Economics / Business - Innovation - 12.03.2022

Agronomy / Food Science - Innovation - 24.02.2022
Growing innovation in the agriculture sector
Ceragen is helping farmers engineer the plant microbiome to increase crop yields By Stephanie Longeway University Relations Danielle Rose works under a pop-up grow tent inside Velocity's main incubator workspace.

Innovation - Computer Science - 23.02.2022
New security tech monitors power use for warning signs of cyberattacks
New technology can protect governments, businesses and other organizations from cyberattacks By Researchers have developed new technology to protect governments, businesses and other organizations from cyberattacks by monitoring for unusual power consumption.

Innovation - Computer Science - 23.02.2022
’We can protect anything that consumes power’
Engineering professor takes new cybersecurity technology out of the lab and into the real world By Brian Caldwell Faculty of Engineering It has been a long but rewarding journey since Sebastian Fisch

Social Sciences - Innovation - 22.02.2022
Using AI to optimize social services: University of Toronto researchers team up with industry and government
A married mother of two who lives in Winnipeg, "Shawna" struggles to afford rent, groceries and needs dental care - but she doesn't have coverage through her part-time office assistant job and she isn't sure if she is eligible for help.

Computer Science - Innovation - 17.02.2022