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Sport - Innovation - 25.09.2023
Game-changing insights using 5G technologies
Waterloo and Rogers partnership could redefine real-time hockey analytics By Jordan Flemming University Relations In a unique collaboration, the University of Waterloo and Rogers Communications are joining forces to revolutionize the world of hockey analytics using 5G technology.

Innovation - Economics - 14.09.2023
Create your own virtual world - no coding expertise necessary
Mtion's new product opens novel ways for creativity and connection via live-streaming   There is a massive world online forging human connection through virtualized forms of reality.

Innovation - 13.09.2023
Trust in research, science and technology starts with conversations
CBC partners with Waterloo to kick off the inaugural TRuST speaker series By Jordan Flemming University Relations In the first event for the Trust in Research Undertaken in Science and Technology Scho

Innovation - Economics - 07.09.2023
Game-changing new tech to make AR/VR, cellphone and laptop displays better
New technology can extend the battery life of electronics by 30 per cent, increase display brightness Two researchers at the University of Waterloo have combined their innovations to create a suite of

Innovation - Computer Science - 30.08.2023
The future of AI is interdisciplinary
Canada Research Chair in Technology and Social Change is advancing artificial intelligence with more diverse human experiences By Wendy Philpott Faculty of Arts Dr. Lai-Tze Fan wants to make a more equitable AI. Critical approaches to advancing artificial intelligence are urgent, she says. "We tend to want AI to do more and more tasks for us and not be involved ourselves.

Environment - Innovation - 28.08.2023
Climate-changing human activity may cause 1 billion deaths
Climate-changing human activity may cause 1 billion deaths
Aggressive energy policies needed to decrease carbon emissions and minimize loss of lives, says new study If global warming reaches or exceeds two degrees Celsius by 2100, Western University's Joshua Pearce says it is likely mainly richer humans will be responsible for the death of roughly one billion mainly poorer humans over the next century.

Economics - Innovation - 23.08.2023
Protecting Canada’s energy infrastructure and supply chain from cyber attacks
Research team will develop an enhanced cybersecurity system An engineering professor from the University of Waterloo was awarded $1.2 million in federal funding to protect Canada's critical energy infrastructure and energy sector supply chains from cyber threats.

Economics - Innovation - 17.08.2023

Health - Innovation - 15.08.2023

Innovation - Earth Sciences - 10.08.2023
Movie-inspired technology successfully collects hail data from eye of the storm
Movie-inspired technology successfully collects hail data from eye of the storm
In the blockbuster 1996 movie Twister , meteorologists successfully deployed small weather sensors into the heart of an active tornado to collect data and revolutionize severe weather safety.

Health - Innovation - 10.08.2023
New diagnostic device provides 20-minute blood test results
Vital Bio unveils novel device, raises US$48 million since inception at Velocity in 2019 By Naomi Grosman Velocity Four and a half years ago, the VitalOne was an ambitious idea.

Sport - Innovation - 03.08.2023
Tennis anyone? Researchers serve up advances in developing motion simulation technology’s next generation
SFU computing science assistant professor Jason Peng is leading a research team that is raising motion simulation technology to the next level-and using the game of tennis to showcase just how real virtual athletes- moves can be.

Environment - Innovation - 01.08.2023

Health - Innovation - 01.08.2023
Collaboration is key for Frugal Biomedical Innovations program
Collaboration is key for Frugal Biomedical Innovations program
How to do more with less. This simple solution - some would say mantra - is the driving force behind frugal innovation.

Environment - Innovation - 31.07.2023
AI can grow mushrooms
AI-driven mushroom smart farm maker Mycro Harvest joins Velocity  Mushrooms are used to make plant-based meat alternatives, as a base for sustainable bioplastics, styrofoam alternatives, vegan leather

Innovation - Health - 24.07.2023
Liberum Bio raises seed round
Liberum Bio is accelerating the synthesis and testing of unrealized life-saving therapeutics Artificial intelligence has made protein design lightning fast, creating digital blueprints for cures to some of the most life-limiting ailments.

Innovation - Health - 21.07.2023

Innovation - Economics - 10.07.2023

Innovation - 04.07.2023
Discussing ethical tech is a journey we should all be taking
Waterloo hosts a masterclass at Collision on new approaches to responsible technology development  By Stephanie Longeway University Relations Building ethical technology is "not a destination, it's a journey," said Jennifer Boger , professor in the Faculty of Engineering and chief science officer at ESG.AI.

Innovation - Economics - 27.06.2023
How to disrupt industries using generative AI
Waterloo AI experts lead a masterclass at Collision on how business leaders can unlock the transformative potential of LLMs By Stephanie Longeway University Relations "Unless you've been living under

Innovation - Economics - 23.06.2023

Physics - Innovation - 16.06.2023
More than $1.3 million awarded to Waterloo researchers
Four Waterloo professors receive federal funding to support small modular reactors research By Angelica Marie Sanchez University Relations The Government of Canada has awarded more than $1.3 m

Innovation - Economics - 16.06.2023

Innovation - Computer Science - 14.06.2023
Pushing the speed limit: What will the future of the Internet look like?
More people rely on the Internet to work, play, shop, and connect with others, growing the demand for global data traffic by 40% every year.

Environment - Innovation - 08.06.2023
Recognizing excellence in professional engineering
Engineering professors named new fellows of the Canadian Academy of Engineering By Angie Docking Faculty of Engineering Two Waterloo Engineering faculty members have been elected fellows by Canada's most distinguished engineering society.

Innovation - Computer Science - 07.06.2023
Human intelligence grapples with artificial intelligence in the theatre
In collaboration with UdeM, the Posthumains theatre company and Duceppe are staging a play about the social implications of AI.

Health - Innovation - 29.05.2023
Community unites to drive local health care innovation forward
Solving the region's most pressing health care challenges will require community collaboration Grand River Hospital Foundation's Care Never Stops Week (from May 23 to May 28) featured a Health Innova
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