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Expert explainer: Back-to-school worries for kids
The back-to-school countdown is on, and parents may be looking for ways to support their children through the anxiety and worry September can bring.

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Lose weight now with a new miracle drug!
It sounds too good to be true-and it is. But when you see a headline like that online, it's tempting to click on it.

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The under-education of men: a deepening problem
The under-education of men: a deepening problem
Women outnumber men in higher education. While more women in university is welcome news, the under-representation of men is worrisome, according to a new book.

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Around the world, children's education becoming more closely tied to their mother's
Around the world, children’s education becoming more closely tied to their mother’s
Arts & Humanities Erik Rolfsen A new study has found that a mother's educational status-the highest level of education that she has attained-plays an increasingly important role in shaping her children's educational status, while the importance of the father's educational status has declined.

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Teaching children to tell the truth, plus other story ideas
Teaching children to tell the truth Teaching children how to be honest can potentially be as easy as teaching them to tie their shoelaces according to Victoria Talwar , from McGill's Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology.

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