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Event - Sport - 03.10.2022

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Sport - Innovation - 02.09.2022
Find school-life balance this fall
There's no shortage of ways to get involved By Jennifer Halcrow UWaterloolife Team Your university experience extends beyond the classroom.

Sport - Health - 01.09.2022
Why are some athletes injury prone? Timothy Burkhart’s research could offer clues
From each according to their abilities, to each according to their knees - and hips. Timothy Burkhart's biomechanical research aims to help prevent injuries and rehab them quickly when they do happen - in varsity athletes and the rest of us.

Sport - Social Sciences - 29.08.2022

Sport - 17.08.2022
Why some pro hockey players don't seek help even when they need it
Why some pro hockey players don’t seek help even when they need it
Arts & Humanities Collins Maina A new UBC study highlights that help-seeking behaviours in professional men's ice-hockey is heavily impacted by cultural and systemic factors. Katie Crawford, who completed the study as part of her master's degree in UBC's school of kinesiology, has always had some insight on the high and low points of the profession.

Sport - Architecture - 11.07.2022
Value of cycling lanes in the eye of the beholder
Despite a growing body of research that shows the addition of cycling lanes in a neighbourhood positively correlates with increases in residential property values, the public perception of this value varies dramatically by neighbourhood type.

Sport - Mathematics - 16.06.2022
Want to improve your HORSE play? Stats expert breaks down the popular basketball game's odds
Want to improve your HORSE play? Stats expert breaks down the popular basketball game’s odds
For NBA stars and driveway basketball enthusiasts alike, the game HORSE conjures up memories of intense schoolyard competitions and boisterous neighbourhood hangouts.

Sport - Economics / Business - 24.05.2022

Sport - Computer Science - 16.05.2022
Using math to improve your workout
Exercise physiologist and UdeM adjunct professor Guy Thibault is developing a web application for interval training.

Social Sciences - Sport - 12.04.2022
Expert insights: What we learned about keeping kids active during the pandemic
Organized play and sporting opportunities for children have finally started to resume after having just passed the two-year mark of the pandemic.

Sport - Health - 15.02.2022
Figure skating furor: University of Toronto expert on the doping scandal gripping the Beijing Games
Russian teenager Kamila Valieva has been cleared to compete in the women's figure skating competition at the Winter Olympics despite failing a pre-Games drug test.

Sport - Health - 08.02.2022
Expert Insight: How to enjoy exercising in the cold
Let's face it: When most of us see the temperature outside fall to minus double digits, our first instinct isn't to gleefully run outside.

Sport - Social Sciences - 08.02.2022
Expert Insight: How Olympic athletes’ freedom of speech is muted
Beyond the Olympic's facade of glitz, glamour and gold there's a glaring and controversial regulation - the International Olympic Committee's (IOC) Rule 50 .

Sport - Health - 07.02.2022
University of Toronto experts weigh in on whether to mix intermittent fasting and exercise
Fans of intermittent fasting say consuming fewers calories by skipping meals helps lose weight and leads to other health benefits.

Innovation - Sport - 04.02.2022

Sport - Social Sciences - 03.02.2022
Expert insight: Beijing, boycotts and the battle for human rights
International Olympic Committee headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland (Photo source: IOC/Greg Martin) With the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games about to begin, there are many debates occurring in th

Sport - Health - 03.02.2022

Event - Sport - 03.02.2022

Sport - Politics - 26.01.2022
Expert insights: The International Olympic Committee’s track record on human rights
The International Olympic Committee's (IOC) position on refugees is contradictory and confusing. The organization has its own Refugee Team competing at the 2022 Beijing Olympics.

Sport - Environment - 18.01.2022
Climate change threatens future Winter Olympics
Returning to in-person experiences in February: for more information.