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Health - Aug 15
New research stories from McGill University. Using artificial intelligence to study the social impact of disruptive weather events - Does a -disruptive weather event- imply extreme weather? Not necessarily, say two McGill researchers. Instead of focusing on social impacts, weather research tends to focus on meteorology.
Health - Aug 12

Researchers have discovered that they can control the stickiness of adhesive bandages using ultrasound waves and bubbles.

Politics - Aug 4

In disinformation campaigns, like the long-standing pro-Kremlin campaign targeted at Ukraine by the Russian government, who is most at risk of believing false information?

Environment - Jul 28

For the generations who grew up watching Finding Nemo , it might not come as a surprise that the North American West Coast has its own version of the underwater ocean highway - the California Current marine ecosystem (CCME).

Life Sciences - Jul 20
Life Sciences

Imagine having to choose over and over between what you enjoy doing and the pain that it might cause you, whether physical or emotional.

Transport - Aug 9

Top marks: Quebec university students score high with COVID-19 compliance - A new study led by McGill researchers found that compliance with public health measures was high among university level students in Quebec during a critical period of the pandemic in 2021.

Life Sciences - Aug 1
Life Sciences

If you-ve ever seen a starling peck open a garbage bag or a grackle steal your dog pellets, you get a sense that some birds have learned to take advantage of new feeding opportunities - a clear sign of their intelligence.

Life Sciences - Jul 21
Life Sciences

Many mammal species living in cold climates tend to have large bodies and short limbs to reduce heat loss - a general pattern known as Bergmann's rule.

Astronomy - Jul 13

Astronomers at McGill University, MIT and elsewhere have detected a strange and persistent radio signal from a far-off galaxy, that appears to be flashing with surprising regularity.

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