Environment - Feb 7

UdeM biologists come up with new statistical models to speed up the process of estimating leaf traits across many plants from a broad range of landscapes, making it easier to monitor changes in biodiv CONTENU - To understand how plants respond to and influence their environments, ecologists often use a series of standardized measurements called functional traits.

Researchers at the University of Toronto have developed a method of harnessing artificial intelligence to discover new and more efficient materials for clean energy technology.

Environment - Feb 6

New research has uncovered a change in behaviour of deep-sea fragile pink sea urchins off the south coast of Vancouver Island that is linked to climate change impacts including the " Blob ," a marine heatwave that persisted in the Pacific Ocean off North America between 2013 to 2016.

For most people living in Canada, mosquitoes are nothing more than a summertime nuisance, intruding on nights at the cottage and evenings around the campfire.

Snakes and mice don't look alike. But much of what we know about skin colouration and patterning in vertebrates generally, including in snakes, is based on lab mice.

Selected Job Offers
Economics/Business - 07.02
Stores Technician II University of Toronto
Environment - 07.02
Postdoctoral Scholar, GiSRT, Arctic Institute of North America University of Calgary
Physics - 06.02
Professeure ou professeur en photonique quantique Université de Laval
Physics - 06.02
Tenure-track position in Quantum Photonics Université de Laval
Social Sciences - 06.02
Assistant Professor (Teaching), Department of Sociology University of Calgary
Social Sciences - 06.02
Postdoctoral Fellow University of Alberta