Pharmacology - Jun 6

Researchers have developed intelligent hydrogel materials for use as a reusable wound dressing One of the challenges in treating burn victims is the frequency of dressing changes, which can be extremely painful. To bring relief to this and other problems, University of Waterloo researchers have created a new type of wound dressing material using advanced polymers.

Foregrounding Indigenous Knowledge Systems in Water research Faculty of Environment and the Water Institute The Land Back movement has called for global solidarity to address the oppression and dispossession of Indigenous Peoples' lands and territories.

When Burnaby eighth grader Advaith S. Iyer decided to participate in the Greater Vancouver Regional Science Fair (GVRSF) for the first time this spring an ambitious research idea emerged.

Release of pangenome representing wide diversity of individuals ushers in new understanding of human biology and disease The first human genome, which has served as the reference until now, was released approximately 20 years ago.

Health - Jun 1

Other aspects of treatment in long-term care homes generally remained the same a year into the pandemic While most aspects of care quality in long-term care homes did not differ in the first year of the pandemic from pre-pandemic levels, a new study shows that the use of antipsychotic drugs increased in all provinces.

Selected Job Offers
Social Sciences - 06.06
F - The Happy Engineer - Positive Psychology for Engineers University of Toronto
Social Sciences - 06.06
Assistant Professor - Social Sciences and Digital Technologies University of Toronto
Life Sciences - 06.06
Associate Professor - Ecology University of Toronto
Agronomy/Food Science - 06.06
Assistant / Associate Professor, Cellular Agriculture University of Alberta
Health - 06.06
Post doctoral Fellow University of Alberta
Electroengineering - 06.06
Aerospace / Electrical Engineer, Faculty of Science University of Calgary