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Earth Sciences - Astronomy / Space - 13.06.2024
Meteorite impact leaves rare rocks and evidence of extreme heat at remote lake in Quebec
Meteorite impact leaves rare rocks and evidence of extreme heat at remote lake in Quebec
For more than a decade, Western University planetary geologist Gordon "Oz" Osinski has led expeditions to Kamestastin Lake in Labrador. The environment is a perfect training ground because the properties and rock formations - created by the violent impact (and extreme heat) of an asteroid 36 million years ago - uniquely mimic the surface on the Moon.

Astronomy / Space - 10.06.2024
Landolt space mission: more precise measurements of star brightness
Landolt space mission: more precise measurements of star brightness
Astronomy professor Jonathan Gagné will be part of the Landolt space mission, solving problems caused by errors in astronomical calibrations. A major scientific breakthrough will be taking place soon thanks to NASA's Landolt space mission. The mission, at a cost of $19.5 million, will make it possible to measure stellar luminosities more accurately.

Life Sciences - Agronomy / Food Science - 06.06.2024
Maple syrup to improve animal health
Maple syrup to improve animal health
A probiotic made from maple syrup with flavor defects could theoretically enrich the gut microbiota of farm animals, improve their resistance to disease and reduce the need for antibiotics Approximately 2% of the 200 million pounds of maple syrup produced each year in Quebec suffers from a flavor defect that makes it more suitable for use as an ingredient in processed products than for consumption in its natural state.

Psychology - 05.06.2024
An effective insomnia treatment for night-shift workers
An effective insomnia treatment for night-shift workers
Intervention leads to partial or total remission of insomnia in over 90% of people A team from Laval University has developed a behavioral intervention that improves sleep and mental health in people whose work involves night shifts. The effectiveness of this intervention has just been demonstrated by this team, led by Professor Annie Vallières, in a study published in the Journal of Sleep Research .

Career - Campus - 31.05.2024
Motivation profiles linked to perseverance during the doctorate
Motivation profiles linked to perseverance during the doctorate
A study analyzes the motivations for pursuing a doctorate to determine the factors conducive to a high rate of doctoral success . Around 50% of doctoral candidates drop out before graduation. David Litalien and Frédéric Guay, professors in the Faculty of Education at Université Laval, have identified four motivational profiles linked to perseverance in postgraduate studies.

Social Sciences - Computer Science - 29.05.2024
AI saving humans from the emotional toll of monitoring hate speech
Researchers use machine learning to identify hate speech with 88 per cent accuracy A team of researchers at the University of Waterloo have developed a new machine-learning method that detects hate speech on social media platforms with 88 per cent accuracy, saving employees from hundreds of hours of emotionally damaging work.

Materials Science - Chemistry - 28.05.2024
Battery breakthrough could usher in greener, cheaper electric vehicles
McGill researchers unlock game-changing alternatives for electric vehicle batteries, potentially reducing manufacturing costs by 20 per cent The global shift to electric vehicles is gaining momentum, yet the extraction of battery materials has a significant environmental footprint that comes with high costs.

Environment - Materials Science - 28.05.2024
Towards greener, more economical electric vehicles
Towards greener, more economical electric vehicles
Scientists at McGill University are uncovering revolutionary solutions for electric vehicle batteries, which could cut manufacturing costs by 20%. The global shift towards electric vehicles is gaining momentum, but extracting battery materials has major environmental consequences and high costs. Recently, two groundbreaking studies by scientists at McGill University have paved the way for the development of more economical and environmentally-friendly lithium-ion batteries - used in the manufacture of electric vehicles.

Health - Life Sciences - 27.05.2024
Sanfilippo syndrome: Major advancement towards developing a treatment
For the first time, a team co-led by Alexey Pshezhetsky resolved the structure of the enzyme deficient in Sanfilippo disease, a rare pediatric neurodegenerative disorder. For the first time, a team co-led by CHU Sainte-Justine researcher and professor in the Faculty of Medicine at Université de Montréal, Alexey Pshezhetsky has succeeded in resolving the unique structure of the HGSNAT enzyme, a deficiency of which causes Sanfilippo syndrome, a rare pediatric disease affecting the central nervous system.

Environment - 22.05.2024
Designing a better nest to help endangered turtles
Designing a better nest to help endangered turtles
With Ontario's eight species of turtles considered at risk, a new nest designed by researchers has the potential to significantly bolster their struggling populations. The habitat is the first designed for turtles in rock barren landscapes, such as the research site around Georgian Bay. It uses moss and lichen.

Environment - Life Sciences - 22.05.2024
Australian study proves 'humans are planet's most frightening predator'
Australian study proves ’humans are planet’s most frightening predator’
Australia lacks fearsome large carnivores like lions and wolves, and the relative lack of fear that marsupials like kangaroos and wallabies show to dogs (and other introduced carnivores) has been attributed to a lack of evolutionary experience with large mammalian predators.

Pharmacology - Health - 21.05.2024
Western-led analysis shows potential in new Alzheimer’s treatment
Alzheimer's disease is the most common cause of dementia, affecting more than 55 million people worldwide. Currently, the two main approaches for treatments to delay or slow its progression target the buildup of amyloid beta peptides - which form plaques in the spaces between nerve cells in the brain - and the buildup of tau protein, resulting in tangles which damage neurons.

Health - Campus - 21.05.2024
Rising home prices can harm peoples' health
Rising home prices can harm peoples’ health
Rapid increases in housing costs have taken a toll on people, including their health, according to Simon Fraser University (SFU) health sciences researchers. A new systematic review of 23 studies, published in BMC Public Health, on the impact of housing prices on health finds that such changes can both positively and negatively impact people's health.

Environment - Earth Sciences - 20.05.2024
Warm seawater speeding up melting of 'Doomsday Glacier,' scientists warn
Warm seawater speeding up melting of ’Doomsday Glacier,’ scientists warn
Satellite data provides first evidence of ocean water intrusion beneath Antarctica's Thwaites Glacier  For the first time, there is visible evidence showing that warm seawater is pumping underneath Antarctica's Thwaites Glacier-ominously nicknamed the Doomsday Glacier. An international team of scientists-including a researcher from the University of Waterloo-observed it using satellite imagery and warns that it could accelerate catastrophic sea level rise in 10 to 20 years.

Psychology - 18.05.2024
Self-determination and social identity: Modeling team motivation
A model that combines self-determination theory and social identity theory can shed light on team motivation and functioning, according to a recent study What are the underlying dynamics of group motivation in a team or organization' How does it take shape' And how does it influence a team's functioning and effectiveness' A recent article in Applied Psychology: An International Review attempts to answer these questions.

Environment - Architecture - 15.05.2024
Using AI to improve building energy use and comfort
New study from Waterloo researchers creating climate change-proof buildings with deep learning-powered inspections    University of Waterloo researchers have developed a new method that can lead to significant energy savings in buildings. The team identified 28 major heat loss regions in a multi-unit residential building with the most severe ones being at wall intersections and around windows.

Computer Science - Campus - 15.05.2024
Can AI help save beluga whales?
Beluga whale populations in the Arctic are under threat due to increased onand off-shore activities such as oil and gas development and climate change. Aerial surveys capture images over breeding and feeding regions and this is the most popular non-invasive approach for monitoring the populations of beluga whales and ensuring their distribution and health status.

Career - 14.05.2024
How to reward employees fairly and improve team dynamics
A recent study by researchers from the University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University has shed light on how to reward employees more fairly and improve team dynamics. The study found that when less skilled employees report their performance voluntarily, they often exaggerate their achievements and ask for higher bonuses.

Astronomy / Space - Chemistry - 14.05.2024
Tour de force: Western Space researchers chart Orion Nebula like never before
Tour de force: Western Space researchers chart Orion Nebula like never before
Els Peeters, Jan Cami and collaborators among first scientists to use James Webb telescope for research and they targeted star formation Star and planet formation is a messy affair. It starts with the gravitational collapse of a gigantic cloud of gas and dust, which simultaneously produces massive stars, whose intense radiation field creates a harsh environment, as well as more modest stars, like our Sun, surrounded by a planet-forming disk that is rich in organic materials.

Innovation - Social Sciences - 09.05.2024
Ivey prof develops strategy to bridge the digital divide
Ivey prof develops strategy to bridge the digital divide
New research shows need for 'design mindset' to include marginalized communities in the digital economy Whether it's a financial tracking app, a watch that monitors your health, or earphones that translate languages instantly, technology has revolutionized the human experience. Yet not everyone has equal access to these advantages.
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