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Psychology - Social Sciences - 14.11.2022
Who are the sexual abusers?
Psychologist Jean Proulx, a professor from School of Criminology, has been working for more than 30 years to demystify the process that leads up to sexual assault and find ways to prevent recidivism.

Psychology - Pedagogy - 09.11.2022
Teaching children to tell the truth, plus other story ideas
Teaching children to tell the truth Teaching children how to be honest can potentially be as easy as teaching them to tie their shoelaces according to Victoria Talwar , from McGill's Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology.

Psychology - Health - 09.11.2022
Support for Ukrainian refugees and caregivers of people with dementia
Mental health support for Ukrainian war refugees in Montreal Even though Ukrainian refugees arriving in Montreal have escaped their war-torn country, many still face considerable challenges - not the least of which are mental health issues.

Psychology - 04.10.2022
How the pandemic has impacted counselling services
While the full impact of the pandemic on Canadians' mental health is still unknown, new research at Western will cast light on how COVID-19 affected psychological counselling services, as well as monitor how that changes over the next four years.

Psychology - Social Sciences - 22.09.2022

Life Sciences - Psychology - 11.08.2022
New paradigm for treating PTSD
New paradigm for treating PTSD
When Dr. Ruth Lanius won her Grade 12 biology award in high school, she had no idea it would change the course of her life.

Health - Psychology - 14.07.2022
Breaking up is hard to do - but many men find healthy ways to cope
Breaking up is hard to do - but many men find healthy ways to cope
The popular stereotype that men don't want support during a breakup, separation or divorce is simply not true, according to a new paper by researchers at the UBC school of nursing.

Social Sciences - Psychology - 15.06.2022
Level Up! Researchers explore impact of gaming on well-being of LGBTQ+ youth
When Dane Marco Di Cesare was a child, he turned to video games for more than entertainment or diversion. As a queer youth, he found them to be a safe place to immerse himself in fantastic worlds - far away from a reality that could be stressful and even unsafe.

Psychology - 19.05.2022
Talking about sexual consent and expectations can improve relationships and wellbeing
May 19, 2022 Consent communication can lead to misunderstandings between partners By Teaching the benefits of affirmative sexual consent while also validating anxieties people might experience about c

Health - Psychology - 28.04.2022
More than a million smokers likely to quit after U.S. bans menthol cigarettes
April 28, 2022 Popularity of menthols in the U.S. suggests banning them will lead to massive public health benefits By A new study projects that a U.S. ban on menthol cigarettes, proposed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, will lead more than 1.3 million smokers to quit.

Psychology - Life Sciences - 20.04.2022
Feeling sensations - including ones connected to sadness - are key to depression recovery: University of Toronto study
The physical sensations that accompany sadness can feel as undesirable as they are intense - a constriction of the chest, watery eyes and a raw throat, to name a few.

Psychology - 07.04.2022
Forever alone... and thriving? University of Toronto expert examines link between attachment styles and life satisfaction
Why are some happier flying solo while others want a romantic partner? Are some people truly better off alone? Geoff MacDonald , a professor in the department of psychology in the University of Toron

Health - Psychology - 05.04.2022
Expert Insights: Bruce Willis’ aphasia diagnosis draws attention to cognitive disorder
Bruce Willis speaking at the 2018 San Diego Comic Con International - Gage Skidmore, Wikimedia Commons.

Psychology - Life Sciences - 31.03.2022
Neuroscience experts unlock mystery of autism-related anxiety 
It is also inspired by something a whole lot less tangible but equally important. "This research gives families hope," said Duerden, a professor in Western's Faculty of Education and head of the Developing Brain Lab , built to study cognitive development in infants and children through behavioural assessments and brain imaging.

Campus - Psychology - 30.03.2022
World Happiness Report: Experts tell Toronto Star that Canadians’ life satisfaction has slumped
Ranking 15 th out of 146 countries on the annual World Happiness Report during a global pandemic might seem like good news.

Career - Psychology - 25.03.2022
COVID-19 hastens trend towards more ’dynamic’ workplace: University of Toronto researcher
For more than two decades,  Jia Lin Xie  has researched the relationships people have with their jobs.

Health - Psychology - 10.03.2022
High rates of postpartum depression and anxiety in Canadian fathers
Nearly 22 per cent of fathers experience high rates of both anxiety and depression at some point in the first year of their child's life, according to a new study led by Cindy-Lee Dennis , a professo

Psychology - Social Sciences - 21.02.2022
Face masks impair nonverbal communication between individuals
Face masks impair nonverbal communication between individuals
Since the onset of the worldwide pandemic, face masks have been widely adopted to control the spread of COVID-19.

Psychology - 17.02.2022
Not in the mood? Researchers examine how couples communicate when desire is low
Not in the mood? Researchers examine how couples communicate when desire is low
Rebecca Horne  is pulling back the covers to reveal how couples communicate when it comes to sex and desire.

Health - Psychology - 16.02.2022
New COVID-19 study links nurses' mental health to quality of care
New COVID-19 study links nurses’ mental health to quality of care
Q&As Lou Corpuz-Bosshart Stories of stress and burnout among healthcare workers, particularly nurses, continue to make news during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Social Sciences - Psychology - 11.02.2022
How to keep a relationship alive
How to keep a relationship alive
For Valentine's Day, a psychology professor and researcher specializing in loving attachment discusses the factors that make for a lasting relationship.

Psychology - Campus - 09.02.2022
When people's attitudes about aging improve, better health may follow
When people’s attitudes about aging improve, better health may follow
Arts & Humanities Erik Rolfsen Making people feel better about how they're aging could lead to concrete improvements in health and wellbeing down the line, new UBC research suggests.

Health - Psychology - 26.01.2022
Social contact key to reducing mental health stigma
Social contact-based education helps reduce mental health stigma by bringing individuals living with mental illness into a safe, enabling environment where they can share their stories with others.

Health - Psychology - 26.01.2022
Social contact key to overcoming mental health stigma
Social contact-based education helps reduce mental health stigma by bringing individuals living with mental illness into a safe, enabling environment where they can share their stories with others.

Health - Psychology - 26.01.2022
Five ways to end the stigma and start a conversation
Returning to in-person experiences in February: for more information. Mental health tips to keep your perspectives positive and clear January is often thought of as a month of new perspectives, fresh starts and hope for what the new year will bring.

Psychology - 18.01.2022
Simple vehicle warning systems as effective as more complex ones: University of Toronto study
Simple vehicle warning systems as effective as more complex ones: University of Toronto study
There are over 10,000 collisions between vehicles and wildlife in Ontario every year. Most are not fatal for those in the vehicle, but the costs associated with such a collision in Canada total about $800 million annually. While automotive safety systems already warn drivers of some hazards - such as a vehicle in their blind spot - identifying unexpected hazards, including potential collisions with wildlife, in dynamic road situations is a more complicated task.

Psychology - Life Sciences - 13.01.2022
Symptoms and traits of borderline personality disorder may run in families: University of Toronto research
Family members of those with borderline personality disorder (BPD) show similarities in their brains and personalities­ - and even interpret some facial expressions similarly, according to a series of studies by researchers at the University of Toronto. "One of the more urgent questions I hear when I speak with family groups is whether the disorder can be passed down from parents to their children," says  Anthony C. Ruocco , professor, interim graduate chair and director of clinical training in University of Toronto Scarborough's department of psychological clinical science.

Social Sciences - Psychology - 10.01.2022
Expert insight: Why music should be part of parents’ pandemic survival strategy
With pandemic school closures in place in Ontario, Québec , Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island until Jan.

Psychology - Health - 03.01.2022
How far does a little kindness go? University of Toronto researcher examines how doing good improves mental health
Most of us intuitively know that kindness can not only alleviate the suffering of others, but help us feel better.

Social Sciences - Psychology - 14.12.2021

Economics / Business - Psychology - 02.12.2021

Social Sciences - Psychology - 01.12.2021

Health - Psychology - 04.11.2021
Excess use of non-emergency restraint among older psychiatric patients
Higher rates of acute control medications and restraints were used in older adults in Ontario psychiatric hospitals between 2005 and 2018 Restrictive interventions like acute control medications and

Psychology - Health - 04.11.2021
Climate change and children’s mental health: We need to act now!
A new study highlights the harmful effects of climate change on the psychological health and well-being of children and teens. "The threats associated with climate change can additively, interactively and cumulatively increase the risk of psychopathologies in the young, starting at conception and continuing right through to adulthood." This is the conclusion of a study by Francis Vergunst, postdoctoral researcher in public health at Université de Montréal, and Helen Louise Berry, professor at the University of Sydney, Australia.

Health - Psychology - 20.10.2021
Study aims to visualize invisible injury
By Lawson Health Research Institute, Special to Western News Recognizing the toll the pandemic has taken on many health-care workers' mental health, Dr. Ruth Lanius is examining the role that moral injury plays, and its effects on the brain.

Health - Psychology - 18.10.2021
Get moving for good mental health!
Physical activity is good not only for the body but also the mind. Professor Isabelle Doré explains why exercise is good for mental health and which activities are best.

Sport - Psychology - 06.10.2021
Elite female athletes subjected to degrading comments, body shaming: University of Toronto study
Female athletes in aesthetic sports are the target of degrading comments and other forms of body shaming that are equal to emotional abuse and can cause long-lasting harm.

Veterinary - Psychology - 14.09.2021
How to make the transition back to the office easier on your pandemic pet
How to make the transition back to the office easier on your pandemic pet
After more than a year of working and schooling from home, many offices and schools are re-opening as the COVID-19 vaccine uptake rises.