Health - May 30

Researcher Guy Rutter and his colleagues in Europe, Canada and the United States have discovered molecules in samples taken from 3,000 diabetic patients that could help personalize treatments. Guy Rutter, researcher at the Centre de recherche du CHUM (CRCHUM), Imperial College London and professor in the Department of Medicine at the Université de Montréal Credit: CRCHUM This research was carried out as part of the European RHAPSODY project (Risk Assessment and Progression of Diabetes).

Life Sciences - May 25

Understanding how animals make their way around in the world helps determine things humans are doing that might influence them Earth's magnetic field, generated by the flow of molten iron in the planet's inner core, extends out into space and protects us from cosmic radiation emitted by the Sun.

Life Sciences - May 25

First study to incorporate genealogical records to provide an accurate map of genetic relatedness Though we all share common ancestors ranging from a few generations to hundreds of thousands of years, genealogies that relate all of us are often forgotten over time.

Psychology - May 25

A UdeM researcher has found that teenage girls are more likely to experience momentary anxiety when their classmates are anxious.

Health - May 22

Pregnant women who have HPV rarely transmit it to their baby, and when they do, the infection does not persist. While human papilloma virus (HPV) is common in pregnant women, transmission from mother to baby is infrequent and the virus does not persist in infected newborns beyond six months.

Selected Job Offers
Health - 30.05
Lab Technician University of Toronto
Life Sciences - 30.05
Research Associate Dalhousie University
Mechanical Engineering - 30.05
Engineer B - Central Steam Plant (Building Shift Operations) University of Toronto
Social Sciences - 29.05
Limited-Term Research Associate (1 year term) University of Toronto
Health - 29.05
Research Associate, Department of Medicine University of Calgary
Research Management - 29.05
Research Associate University of Alberta
Health - 27.05
Veterinary Technologist I (TERM) University of Toronto