Career - Aug 15
Employees are motivated by rewards that are perceived as distinct from salary Tangible rewards motivate employees when they're easy to use, pleasurable, unexpected, and distinct from salary, a new study found. A recent survey of firms in the United States revealed that 84 per cent spent more than $90 billion annually on tangible employee rewards, such as gift cards, recreation trips and merchandise in hopes of increasing productivity.
Health - Aug 15

In her research,áDiana Peragineáencounteredástudy after study that suggested an early sexual debut poses a risk to sexual health and sets the stage for a long list of negative outcomes, from unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections to sexual exploitation and abuse.

Health - Aug 12

Researchers have discovered that they can control the stickiness of adhesive bandages using ultrasound waves and bubbles.

Health - Aug 15

New research stories from McGill University. Using artificial intelligence to study the social impact of disruptive weather events - Does a -disruptive weather event- imply extreme weather? Not necessarily, say two McGill researchers.

Environment - Aug 11

Researchersárecommend that protections be strengthened for wetlands of all sizes. Relying on stormwater management (SWM) ponds to restore the depleting wetlands is not sustainable and lacks the critical ecosystem services vital for biodiversity, a new study found.

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