Building the world’s largest telescope

Astronomy & Space

In 2014, the European Southern Observatory (ESO) began construction of the world's largest telescope, the Extremely Large Telescope (ELT), at an altitude of over 3,000 m in Chile's Atacama Desert. Scheduled to enter service in 2028, this giant telescope promises to mark a new era in ground-based astronomy. A Canadian team will be involved in the design and manufacture of the ANDES spectrograph, which will search for signs of life outside the solar system.

Teens with behavioural problems, particularly girls, more likely to sext

Social Sciences

Researchers say it's important to recognize and support youth who are vulnerable to sexual victimization.

Life Sciences - Jun 18

Link between genetics and coffee intake

Life Sciences

Study from Schulich Medicine & Dentistry and the University of California San Diego suggests a genetic predisposition for coffee intake It's 9 a&perio

Health - Jun 18

Painless patch for continuous health monitoring


Researchers develop a painless patch for continuous health monitoring.

Psychology - Jun 18

Predicting problematic pornography use

Using pornography compulsively. Using it to cope with negative emotions. Being disturbed by one's own choice of pornographic material. Feeling ashamed of using pornography.

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