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Economics - Sep 14

New research shows that team-based recognition can be effective in settings where performance is highly interdependent, and teamwork is essential to the company's success. Businesses are becoming increasingly competitive as they fight to recruit and retain top talent. Recognition programs are widespread across businesses and workplaces, and are used to improve employee engagement, while motivating employee effort and performance.

Environment - Sep 13

New research reveals half of our watersheds have a moderate to high potential for water risk Ontario may seem to be a water secure region, but new research out of the University of Waterloo challenges the myth of water abundance in the Great Lakes watershed.

Transport - Sep 28

Waterloo researchers are helping to clear the regulatory runway for electric planes and transport the Canadian aviation sector to new heights Waterloo Institute for Sustainable Aeronautics University of Waterloo is leading the charge in Canada's electric aviation evolution.

Economics - Aug 2

New research shows how social media engagement on Twitter impacts customer satisfaction In the digital age, a new Twitter strategy can have implications for a healthy bottom line. How companies handle customer complaints on social media plays a critical role in their customer-focused performance management systems.

Economics - Sep 7

For the past decade, companies across North America have paid more attention to supporting equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI).

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