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Pedagogy - Feb 27

Alexandra Decker  was breezing through her multiple-choice driving exam when she realized the correct answer was always the longest and most detailed - an insight she may have overlooked if her attention was trained on the questions themselves.

Psychology - Feb 13

. A new study finds a link between being attentive, feeling less stressed and being more satisfied in your couple. CONTENU What if being mindful could help romantic partners feel less stressed and happier in their couple? A new study at Université de Montréal suggests it's possible: couples with greater mindfulness have reported experiencing less stress, which is thought to be associated with greater satisfaction with one's partner.

Inclusive and accessible education means prioritizing accommodation By Jon Parsons University Relations Creating an accessible university is about planning and designing a campus and a student experience that is barrier free.

People most likely to be stereotyped based on racial-gender combination were less likely to hold certain race-gender stereotypes against others. How does our own identity impact how we perceive and judge others? Research from McGill University has found that those who are most likely to be stereotyped based on their combined racial and gender identity, such as Black women and Asian men, were less likely to hold certain stereotypes against others.

When the first Ontario Incidence Study of Reported Child Abuse and Neglect (OIS) was published in 1993, province-wide knowledge of child welfare investigation rates and outcomes was scarce. "Whenever I tried to go get data, I couldn't.