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In his new book, historian Samir Saul dissects imperialism through the ages to describe its chameleon-like nature and economic underpinnings. Samir Saul, a historian of international relations and professor in Université de Montréal's Department of History, has long had been interested in imperialism.

Pedagogy - Mar 8

Barriers to equity: Women, political representation and family By Tracelyn Cornelius University Relations Women face signifi cant barriers when it comes to achieving equity, particularly in politics Dr. Laura Mae Lindo, the Kitchener Centre Member of Provincial Parliament, addressed these issues at a recent event as part of International Wo

Politics - Jan 24

What risks do NATO members take in increasing military assistance to Ukraine? While continuing to avoid direct engagement in Russia's war on Ukraine, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) allies have dramatically expanded their military assistance.

Indigenous Peoples all over the world have endured a common history. And, as  Uahikea Maile  notes, the experience of "colonial dispossession, territorial enclosure and the subsequent creation of nation states" is not unique to North America.

Politics - Jan 24

From 24-hour news cycles to social media posts from your angry uncle, it's almost impossible not to get a daily dose of politics. But new research finds that daily exposure to politics can cause chronic stress.