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Environment - Mar 22

How well species can move among habitat -islands- in human transformed landscapes is key to their survival, study finds When natural habitats are cleared to make way for cities, roads and agriculture, this often leaves behind -islands- of fragmented habitat that can place species at risk of extinction.

Environment - Mar 20

"If you pick a spot in, say, a rainforest, and count the number of different species of lizards within 15 metres and you come up with a number," saysáLuke Mahler,á"What determines that number?" Mahler is an assistant professor in the University of Toronto'sádepartment of ecology and evolutionary biology in the Faculty of Arts & Science.

Environment - Mar 9

Decade-long research shows home feeders don't alter chickadee reproduction or behaviour By Megan Stacey , By Megan Stacey , March 09, 2023 Never throw bread to the neighbourhood ducks.

Environment - Mar 17

A collaborative study between researchers at Simon Fraser University and Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) has found that high logging intensity in the Interior watersheds of British Columbia is associated with warmer stream temperatures in salmon-bearing streams, potentially contributing to increased heat stress in salmon.

Environment - Mar 6

Simon Fraser scientists say their research on the latest fossil find near Princeton, B.C. is raising questions about how the dispersal of animals and plants occurred across the Northern Hemisphere some 50 million years ago, including whether brief intervals of global warming were at play.