natural sciences

Physics - Mar 6

New HyperSpace collaboration envisions secure quantum connections across the Atlantic Ocean. By Elizabeth Kleisath Institute for Quantum Computing Dr. Thomas Jennewein, a faculty member at the Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC) and the University of Waterloo's Department of Physics and Astronomy, has his sights set high and wide - specifically on a quantum satellite orbiting high above the Earth to connect Canada and Europe via a secure quantum communication link.

Chemistry - Feb 23

An international team of researchersáhas developed a new technique to enhance the durability of inverted perovskite solar cells - an important step toward commercialization of an emerging photovoltaic technology that could significantly reduce the cost of solar energy.

Economics - Mar 30

With recent instability in some U.S. banks and the crypto "winter" that began last year, experts say it'sámore important than everáfor financeáprofessionals to understand the innovations - andáchallengesá- in the sector.

Researchers at the University of Toronto have developed a method of harnessing artificial intelligence to discover new and more efficient materials for clean energy technology.

Health - Mar 28

Six Waterloo quantum researchers receive funding to develop their health care solutions By Angelica Marie Sanchez University Relations Quantum science is transforming the ways technology can lead to innovation in health by improving how doctors use tools to measure and determine a health diagnosis at an early stage before symptoms progress into long-term medical issues among patients.

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Computer Science - 01.04
Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute Postdoctoral Fellow University of Alberta
Innovation - 31.03
Media Technicians, Information Technologies University of Calgary
Computer Science - 30.03
Assistant Professor in Software Engineering University of Calgary
Physics - 28.03
Research Associate University of Alberta
Physics - 27.03
Research Associate (Limited Term) - One Year Term University of Toronto
Life Sciences - 24.03
Research Associate (Limited Term - 2 years) University of Toronto